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DentalCarePlus patients are provided with transparent fees following the clinical assessment so that you can be completely sure about how much you are going to pay before you decide to commence treatment.

Dental Implant Costs

Fees include all implant components, placement surgery, medications, aftercare packs and the final crowns or bridges.

In simple cases with adequate bone volume completed dental implants cost from £1000 to £1400 depending on the number you require. Click Here for more information

In cases where multiple teeth are missing/failing in a row implants can be used to support bridges. Not every missing tooth needs an implant necessarily so the cost per tooth replacement ranges from £730 to £980 determined by the number of implants required and the number of teeth on the bridge.

Where a patient is missing or about to lose all their teeth to either the upper and/or the lower jaw we have implant restorative options to suit the majority of budgets with full jaw fixed bridgework costing from £6499 to £9999 and removable bridgework (overdentures) from £3499 to £5999.

Implant Suitability Assessment

Cone Beam CT Scanning is the gold standard in implant treatment planning. A CT scan is 3D unlike an x-ray which is only 2D.

When planning dental implant treatment it is essential to know whether there is adequate bone width, height and volume available to successfully place implants. Simply using x-rays is simply not accurate enough when planning implant cases and increases the risks. Would you want to take that risk? Some nerve damage is irreversible! A 3D CT scan allows important structures to be identified and the risk of nerve damage can be greatly reduced at implant placement.

Our fee for the suitability assessment is £125. This includes the 3D CT scan and any appropriate x-rays. Unlike many clinics we do not charge per jaw when scanning, the fee covers both jaws if required. We also do not charge for additional appropriate scans or x-rays during the treatment process. If you would like a second opinion having already had an assessment or consultation at another clinic, please contact us for a free "like for like" estimate based on the recommended treatment.

Oral Surgery Procedures

Socket Preservation (To reduce the possibility of bone loss after tooth extraction) from £295
Guided Bone Regeneration or GBR (To "grow" new bone where bone has been lost) from £395
Sinus Lift Lateral Window Method (Including biomaterials) from £995
Sinus Lift Osteotome Method from £295
Onlay Block Graft | Block Bone Graft from £695
Ridge Expansion Surgery from £295
Soft/Connective Tissue Graft from £395
Simple Tooth Extractions from £75
Complex Surgical Extractions from £120
Provisional Dentures (to temporarily replace teeth before final restoration) from £345


CT Scan to CD/Data Stick (refunded on treatment take-up*) £50
Intra-Oral X-Ray Copy Free
Intra-Oral X-Ray (at assessment, if no CT scan is taken) £50
OPG X-Ray / OPG X-Ray Analysis (at assessment if no CT scan taken) £125

*refund given on completion of treatment

Payment Terms:

Our fees are charged in stages throughout the treatment process. 0% interest payment terms are also available subject to status.

We accept all major credit and debit cards (excluding American Express and Diners Club), banker's drafts, building society cheques and online payments.

Treatment Guarantees:

Implant and restoration (crowns or bridges) guarantees are provided by the implant clinician presenting the treatment plan and are based on the findings at the clinical assessment/suitability assessment phase. The length of guarantee is determined on a case by case basis taking into account individual patient dental health, oral hygiene condition and lifestyle choices such as smoking. A patient with excellent dental health and oral hygiene condition is likely to have a better guarantee than a patient with poor oral hygiene condition, a history of gum disease and smoking.

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