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DentalCarePlus - Dental Implant Treatment Costs:

Every patient we treat is different and case complexity often determines the final cost of treatment as does bone volume in the planned implant sites.

The most effective way of obtaining an estimate is to speak to one of our patient coordinators. Please call:

0800 542 2183 or Text "implant info" to 07860 629680

If calling is inconvenient we offer an online estimate tool to quickly provide us with enough information to provide a written estimate returned by email. To access our online estimate tool, please click here.

Click here for the clinical/suitability assessment information.

We will match any treatment plan fee from any UK based dental implant clinic. This is provided that the treatment is based on a "like for like" basis and the recommended treatment is clinically appropriate for the patient. We would ask for a copy of the other clinics treatment plan.

Fee Guide:

Individual and Multiple Missing/Failing/Broken Teeth:
Completed Dental Implants (implant with final crown): from £995
3 Unit Implant Bridge (replacing 3 teeth in a row): from £3140
4 Unit Implant Bridge (replacing 4 teeth in a row): from £3590
6 Unit Implant Bridge (replacing 6 teeth in a row): from £5235
8 Unit Implant Bridge (replacing 8 teeth in a row): from £6780
All Teeth Missing/Failing/Broken on One or Both Jaws:
Full Upper Jaw Implant Denture/Overdenture: from £5499
Full Lower Jaw Implant Denture/Overdenture: from £3499
Full Jaw Porcelain Implant Bridge: from £8995
"All on 4" from £6999
Full Upper or Lower Jaw "Teeth in a Day": from £8999
Bone Restoration/Regeneration: For patients with insufficient bone volume.
Biomaterial/Particle Bone Graft: from £395
Internal Sinus-Lift from £295
External Sinus-Lift: from £995
Soft Tissue Restoration/Regeneration: For patients with insufficient gum tissue volume.
Biomaterial Soft Tissue Graft: from £495
Soft Tissue/Connective Tissue Graft: from £395
Extractions and Temporary Teeth:
Simple Extractions from £75
Complex/Surgical/Impacted Tooth Extractions from £150
Temporary Dentures from £345
Temporary Crowns from £175

If you would like a copy of our full fees guide please call:

Alex:London (W1) and Marlow (Bucks) Clinics:01628 481532
Darren:Manchester, Bristol and Cornwall Clinics:01579 389623

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