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10 Reasons Why Thousands of Patients Choose DentalCare Plus

As one of the leading providers of dental implants in the UK, we have the expertise & experience you can trust for exceptional results. All of our dental surgeons are highly experienced in advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques, and oral surgery including sinus augmentation, guided bone regeneration, block bone grafting, socket preservation and soft tissue grafts.

Experience and Expertise You Can Trust for Exceptional Results

Most dentists place less than 1,000 implants in their professional career. Each of our implant dentists place over 1,000 implants every year - not that the number or the speed of placement is crucially important - but what does this mean? It means that while an inexperienced dentist is thinking about how to do it, our implantologists have already completed the placement. Experience in the clinical environment is very important.

  • One of our implant dentists has been placing implants for 30 years, is a GDC Registered Specialist Oral Surgeon and a Maxillo-Facial Surgeon. He has placed over 10,000 implants in his career.
  • Two of our clinicians have completed their Dental Implant Diploma courses at London's Royal College of Surgeons.
  • One has completed the Advanced Programme of Implant Dentistry at the New York University College of Dentistry.
  • One of our implant clinicians is a lecturer at Loma Linda University in California and has an MSc in Prosthodontics and has been awarded a PhD.
  • One has an MSc in Implant Dentistry and an MSc in Prosthodontics from Manchester University.
  • The DentalCarePlus Clinicians have placed over 25,000 implants.

Advanced Implantology Utilising the Latest Technology

All our clinics have the latest equipment, which includes CT scanners for the precision placement of implants. Placing implants with total accuracy cannot be done safely without the advantage of the 3-D images produced by a CT scanner, which can measure bone depth, width and density; as well as accurately define the location of anatomical structures such as nerve canals and sinuses. Relying on a 2-D pan-oral (OPG) image alone; is taking, what we consider to be an unnecessary risk. We partner with the top UK dental laboratories with experienced technicians who are dedicated to providing the highest quality temporary and permanent crowns, bridges and dentures.

We Lead – Others Follow

The DentalcarePlus Group was the first to introduce really affordable dental implants in the UK, offering fully completed implants with abutments and crowns for under £1,000 when the average UK price then was £2,800. This has forced some of the other clinics to follow our example by reducing their prices, so now the average UK price for a completed implant has now dropped to £2,000, with a few still charging £2,500 and even fewer still exceeding £3,000.

We were the one of the first dental clinics in the UK to purchase our own 3D CBCT Scanners for critical pre-operative implant treatment planning. We were the first dentist in the UK to create an online implant estimate; this has now been copied by many other dentists throughout the UK.

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