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DentalCarePlus is a UK owned group dedicated to the provision of dental implant treatment at prices 40% below the UK average at comparable implant clinics. Our highly experienced team of implant dentists and periodontists provide the highest standard of treatment without compromising on a high quality of care.

DentalCarePlus is the only group of clinics in the UK dedicated to dental implants with nine UK clinics, including London Harley Street. As a leading provider of dental implants, we have the experience our patients and referring dentists can trust.

Our success is founded on the clinical excellence by experienced implant dentists to achieve optimum results, who undertake all dental implant treatments from single tooth to complex and full mouth restorations.

We have Specialists in Oral Surgery and dental implant dentists with internationally renowned implant dentistry MSc’s or post-graduate degrees. All have experience in implant-related oral surgery and advanced restorative techniques.

Our dentists have placed thousands of implants and treated thousands of patients with an audited 99% success rate.


“I have just finished quite extensive implant treatment at the Bristol clinic and have to say how pleased I am with both the service and the outcome. The treatment plan was carefully explained from beginning to end, there was very little discomfort considering the amount of work I had done and I am delighted with the final results.

Thank you Ioannis and the team!”

by Carole Dodd


MONDAY – FRIDAY · 9:00am – 6:00pm


LONDON W1 · 020 7487 4448
MANCHESTER · 0161 437 9622
BUCKS · 01628 481 532
BRISTOL · 0117 366 0908
WEST MIDLANDS · 01299 822 272
DEVON · 01579 389 623
CORNWALL · 01579 389 623
WREXHAM · 01614379622
LEICESTERSHIRE · 01579389623
S.W. LONDON · 01579 389623

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Why choose us?

A British family-owned group dental clinics dedicated only to dental implants, with qualified and experienced implant dentists offering value for money treatments using only high quality materials, the latest technology and reputable UK-based dental laboratories.

Where experience matters

One of the best qualified and most experienced team of implant dentists assembled in the UK. All have experience in the necessary oral surgery and restorative techniques to achieve the high standard of dental implant rehabilitation.

Value for money

Effective and efficient processes aside, since we place so many dental implants, we receive preferential rates from our suppliers so we can offer our dental implant treatments at 40% less than the UK average, without compromising on the high standard of care.

Full jaw treatment

We have experience and expertise in providing solutions for patients needing treatment to all of their teeth, including implant-retained fixed and detachable bridges, ‘Teeth in a day’ and ‘All on 4’.

Latest technology

Since we are a dedicated dental implant group, we have invested in the latest technology. We have 3D dental cone beam CT scanners at all locations for precise pre-operative planning.

Remedial treatment

We are experienced in dealing with dental implant complications. including biological implant failure, bone graft failure; mechanical implant failure; peri-implantitis. Referrals are welcome.

High quality materials

Our dental implants and bone graft materials are made by leading manufacturers with a firm track record for long term results. We also use reputable and experienced UK-based dental laboratories for our crowns, bridges and dentures.

Refer with confidence

Our enviable reputation means that most of our patients are referred from other dentists or recommended by other patients for implant and periodontal treatment as well as 3D CBCT scans. Many patients are prepared to travel to us from all over the UK and abroad.

3D Dental CBCT scan referrals

For 3D dental cone beam CT scans at the lowest prices in the UK … look no further. Since we bought a dental 3D dental Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Scanner in 2006, we have been providing an imaging service for oral surgeons, implant clinicans, maxillofacial surgeons and orthodontists.