General dental council warning on illegal teeth whitening operators

The GDC has stated that it is illegal for persons who are not dental professionals to do any form of teeth whitening. It is a criminal offence for persons not GDC registered to undertake or advise on teeth whitening, and the GDC are committed to protecting the public by investigating and prosecuting people who are not registered and who perform teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening can only be undertaken by dentists, or by dental hygienists and dental therapists on the prescription of a dentist, and the GDC recommends that any member of the public wanting teeth whitening should speak to their dentist.

If any member of the public has any information that suggests that an unregistered person may be undertaking tooth whitening, then the GDC would like to be informed. The GDC Illegal Practice Office can be contacted on 020 7009 2773 or by email.

It is unlikely that a person involved in illegal teeth whitening, operating from a non-dental premises like a hair and beauty salon or a mobile ‘at home’ service, will have any indemnity insurance in case things go wrong that could cause personal injury. Some illegal operators are using common household bleach to whiten teeth, which is banned.

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