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Hi, I’m Trish, and with some trepidation and worry at a) getting older and b) finding that my teeth were declining rather quicker than normal, had to face up to reality!

As a sufferer of Sjogrens (a lack of saliva and bodily fluids generally), my local dentist had, for years done what he could to save my teeth, but alas each time I visit my dentist further treatment was necessary. For several years he was able to save my few remaining teeth and bridges together with a small plate.

Investigating the options of what to do when the time came, I faced either having one false plate for the upper teeth or IMPLANTS. Further Bridges were ruled out by my dentist.

My husband took me to three different Implant centres and DentalCare Plus in Marlow was the third! He sat in on all discussions so that we could decide together the best choice of centre and subsequent treatment. They say that “first impressions count” and it is sufficient to say that having met and spoken with staff and a Consultant at each location, the choice of DentalCare Plus in Marlow was the easiest of decisions!

So the big day arrived after having had Dr Carlos Ribo check everything and it was clear that the task was going to be pretty involved. Necessary bone regeneration, sinus lifts, etc were fully explained and a Treatment plan completed and what’s worse, COSTED. We took it home slept on it and discussed it for a week or more, finally deciding that getting it all done now would save hassle year after year into older age!

– And so to the first appointment. The removal of my existing bridges and four remaining good teeth from my top gum. Having for so long tried to retain my good teeth, here I was actually having them removed and the feeling afterwards was that of I have made a mistake! In truth I was in shock and wished that I could wind the clock back. The feeling passed I am happy to say and my temporary plate fitted well. At no time was I without a plate between appointments and the necessary bone regeneration and sinus lifts followed in turn. Looking back, I can see quite clearly how Carlos took GREAT CARE at each stage to ensure correct healing before proceeding to the next stage, something I greatly appreciate having completed all procedures. Even the fixing of the implants, the look (which is important to us ladies), the colour, shape, and correct length and width of the various teeth, every aspect was taken into account and perfected. All I can say about Dr Carlos Ribo is that he really is one heck of an expert and he has my total trust and admiration. Never did I feel uncomfortable in his presence and he was as intent in getting everything just right as indeed I was. On top of that, I was very much a nervous patient made at ease by Carlos and took advantage opting to be given a sedative which did the trick every time!

To sum up, the staff were just Super, kind warm and understanding apart from being efficient. Dr Carlos and Agnieska (hope I spelt that correctly?) his attendant nurse were simply delightful at all times. My teeth are so natural looking and eating is once more a real pleasure, something my husband and I enjoy wherever we go. My treatment and care was certainly money well spent! Naturally I can only suggest that you, if you are still reading my story, and need advice on implants go without any doubt to speak to DentalCare Plus, and mention, my article, it would be lovely to find out that you had chosen to go forward as a result of my personal experience.


With respect to Carlos Ribo I cannot fault his professionalism, and I like his straight forward manner towards his patients, he is obviously a very good implantologist, and I have already recommended your services who are now in consultation with you, for very good value for money implants


“After splitting 3 teeth I decided to look into dental implants. Being a Purchasing Consultant, I scoured the market for the best deal I could find, including local and foreign options. The price quoted by DentalCarePlus was similar to Hungary and only 20 miles away from my home.

My local dentist has quoted double the price. I am delighted to confirm that that my treatment has given me my smile back and the service provided was second to none. I will certainly recommend DentalCarePlus to my friends and family. ”


“Many thanks for your excellent skills, coupled with your guidance and on-going treatment information. I was always aware of what was coming next. In all honesty any pain was negligible, I found what pain there was could always be handled by a small amount of pain killers. I am over-joyed to say my ability to eat is back to perfection (I have so far eaten two cows, three pigs, one water buffalo and an assortment of parrots. Francisco did tell me to start with soft food). Best wishes to every-one”.


I cannot praise the DentalCarePlus Implant Centre too highly. Throughout my entire treatment plan, I received professional quality care, delivered with empathy & consideration. Every effort was made to make me feel comfortable, confident & secure. I was quite sorry when my treatment was completed, as I always enjoyed my visits!

I recommend the DentalCarePlus Implant Centre whenever I get the opportunity.

Thank you ALL.

Kind regards.

Staines, Middlesex

I am absolutely thrilled with the results from my dental implants and I have had eleven of them. I did do extensive research before I settled on Dentalcare Plus, and without doubt, I made the absolute right choice.

Before making a decision on a clinic, I had weighed up the pros and cons of each establishment; taking into account my own personal impression of the clinic and dental surgeon. I did have one other consultation at a different clinic, but, unlike the service offered at Dentalcare Plus, I was told my dental scans would not be insitu, but at other locations that I would need to travel to each time; plus the quotes were substantially more for less treatment it appeared. Also, other clinics appeared to have a less professional approach and harangued me for a commitment to their plan, which I considered decidedly unprofessional and did not inspire me with any confidence to proceed with them.

Dentalcare Plus were extremely open and frank about treatment and costs from the outset. Prices were reasonable, and you can pay as you go. Plus, scanners were on the premises, and the clinic was exactly what I was looking for location wise.

At my initial consultation, my mouth was scanned for an accurate assessment of what was needed for the best outcome, and also to determine the costs involved. Carlos, was my dental surgeon, and I cannot recommend his expertise and artistry enough. He completely put me at my ease at each visit and his approach was both professional and caring. He talked my through each process and explained each detail to me while looking at the xrays. I felt immediately relaxed and very confident in his ability throughout. It was a longer process than I had immediately accounted for, because I required extensive bone grafting. At each stage, everything was very closely monitored and assessed, and nothing was hurried to get the very best results. Some stages, particularly the sinus lift I needed, were traumatic and did leave me with extensive facial bruising, but this is obviously different for all patients. Strangely, I did not experience much pain, just swelling perhaps for a day or two.

Now all my treatment is over, apart from check-ups. The results are more than I hoped for. My smile is back to how it used to be and my confidence is regained, I feel fantastic! My teeth look so natural, you would never know I have had anything done; the colour match is perfect!

One thing remains to be done, and that is to thank my talented dental surgeon Carlos and the wonderful team that work alongside him. I was treated with such consideration and care throughout by all the staff, and I cannot recommend this dental practice highly enough.

Hazlemere, Bucks

I’d like to say a big thank you to Jenny and the team in Marlow. The moment I went in and had my Consultation and CT scan I knew I was in safe hands. That was over a year ago and now i can eat anything. I had all my teeth done… and they look great. Thanks again.

Wembley, Middlesex

I developed an abscess under the middle ‘anchor’ tooth of a large bridge which had been fine for years. I was referred to a well known local facial surgeon. He told me that he could do the implants and I had the bridge and the tooth removed leaving me a huge gap!

He left it all to heal for a long time. I had several appointments when nothing happened and it became obvious that he didn’t really know what to do and was putting it all off.

At this point I searched the net and visited a couple of dentists offering implants. Fortunately I found Dental Care Plus and was immediately impressed by the friendliness and efficiency of all the staff. I saw Carlos Ribo, who after detailed examination told me that he could help and I was given a plan. The price was half what the local surgeon was quoting and less than other dentists. i felt that I would get goo quality treatment as they specialise in implants and have loads of experience.

All the way through the treatment Carlos was very professional and caring – I knew I was in good hands. He very clearly explained everything he was going to do and let me know during treatments too. I was even more reassured when he told me to ring straight away if I had any problems. He just got on with the job, not trying to have conversations with me during the treatment which was great.

I had to have both bone graft and sinus lift so my treatment was spread over a long time. What a relief to throw away the disgusting denture and have teeth that look good, stay in overnight and don’t slip or whistle!

The receptionist and nurses were all professional and friendly at every appointment and when I needed to change a date. I also saw Carol, the hygienist, who is more positive and informative than any hygienist I’ve seen before.

The equipment is all up to date and the premises are extremely clean.

I wholeheartedly recommend this practice to anyone needing implants even if you have to travel it’s worth it.


I had two extractions and five implants with DentalCarePlus. I was nervous at every stage, but the team were always considerate, and made me feel I was in safe hands. Dr Ribo was brilliant;reassuring, professional, thorough and kind.

There was very little pain and it was wonderful value for money – compared with what some of my friends have paid for the same treatment. I’ve already recommended the team to two people – and would do so every time.


My new implants have been a success – thanks!:

I had lost the use of 3 vital molars on one side due to a collapsed bridge and eating was a trial on many occasions.

I was recommended DentalCarePlus myself, through a friend of a friend, and any reservations about implants that I had were quickly dispelled when I met with Juan Mesquida and his colleagues.

The treatment was very professional and every care was taken with a very sympathetic approach, at each stage. I have now had my final crowns in place for several months and eating is a much more pleasurable experience.

I would heartily recommend DentalCarePlus to anyone.

Best wishes

Marlow, Bucks

“Hi: just a quick note to say that, a few months after the installation of my implants, it’s as if my teeth had never gone away! My dentist has given them a clean bill of health too – he says they’re bedding into the gums nicely. Many thanks to Dr. Francisco and all at Thames Valley Implant Centre!”

Chris Trengove

“After years of letting the state of my teeth get me down I woke up this morning feeling absolutely great. The implants and crowns you gave me look fantastic. I’m now finding it almost impossible to stop smiling! And all this for far less cost than I would have incurred by going anywhere else, even abroad to get the work done!

Your patient care is also second to none. I particularly liked the way that I was treated by everyone at the clinic. To be listened to and given appropriate advice and treated so well made all the difference. Alison also makes a fantastic cup of coffee by the way!

I was so impressed by everyone involved that I have put a link on my facebook page, telling my friends that if they have any dental needs they should check you out first. I really hope some of them end up being customers for you. So thank you again, for everything.”

B Traynor

Prior to treatment: Because of decay, poor care and minimum preventive dentistry in earlier years, I had already lost quite a large number of teeth.

A decision with my dentist pointed to the option of plates of false teeth upper and lower. An upper was constructed but I never liked the idea of lower plate and continued with what was provided. An upper plate with no ‘matching’ and very few lower teeth to bite against was the worst of both worlds. Further extractions made the matter quite serious, and over the course of a few years, became almost impossible. The ever increasing use of dental fixatives made talking and eating very difficult. My dentist recommended two dental implant centres, where I went for further advice. The centre she recommended was in Marlow, now Dental Care Plus.

Examinations, a plan of procedure, costing and timing set me on a course of hi-tech dentistry that I scarcely knew existed; all procedures carefully explained, computer visual presentations, and every effort to reassure given. It was a trippy experience indeed. I costed the whole (very extensive) procedure on a scale of total cost divided by the number of weeks likely to live in remaining life. The weekly cost was well worth the eventual payment.

When the time came, it was all I could have hoped for. True, there was some discomfort as the work was major – from almost no teeth to a full set of matched upper and lower, firmly fixed, and for the first time for years, I could actually bite using opposing artificial teeth.

No more dental fixative; no more worrying that my conversations with friends would be punctuated with embarrassing loose dentures; no more diets that consisted of soup, yoghurts, and mushy weetabix.

I would happily recommend this Dental Care Plus to those interested in ending dental uncertainty, and replacing it with absolute confidence to talk, eat normally, and enjoy life once more.

Chesham, Buckinghamshire

I like steaks but before my treatment I had to be very selective in the types I could eat – and I was always the last to finish whatever I ate. Things were only going to get worse.

I had five implants.

The treatment was excellent and though the experience was not particularly pleasant, it was not too bad – not painful, and afterwards just short periods of jaw ache and careful eating at times. It is quite a long drawn out process.

The team were friendly, understanding and helpful. Everything was explained very fully and there were no surprises.

The results are great – well worth the money – and the process is thoroughly recommended. I am delighted with the results and would definitely go for it again if I had my life again.

PS After this, I expect sugar in my coffee when I come for my check up!

Kindest Regards,


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Many of the images and videos used throughout our website were taken and produced before the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, social distancing rules and extra levels of PPE are not represented across all visuals.



Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and regulated by the General Dental Council (GDC)


Privacy Policy Terms and conditions Legal entity status Complaints procedure Sitemap

This website is operated by DentalCarePlus.

DentalCarePlus is a trading name of Oasis Healthcare Limited. Registered in England and Wales number: 03257078. Registered office: Bupa Dental Care, Vantage Office Park, Old Gloucester Road, Hambrook, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS16 1GW.

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