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It’s taken me 30 odd years to buck up the courage to get my teeth fixed after my Ex knocked them out. Partly fear of pain and partly fear of the cost.

I can honestly say that I felt no pain even with the bone implant injections and everyone has been very kind and professional. As for the cost. Yes it’s expensive, but considerably cheaper than that quoted by my dental practice.

These guys are the experts. It’s not just a money making exercise on the back of general practise dentistry. It’s what they do every day.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Carlos and his team.


“In 2011 I developed infections in the roots of two adjoining back teeth that had had root canals. I was very upset and worried. I decided to have implants and wished I had had implants in the first place instead of the root canals.

I am so glad I chose DentalCarePlus for the implants. The care was professional and friendly at all times (and at a very reasonable price). I had full confidence in my implantologist, and am very pleased with the results over a year on from completion. The implants are completely comfortable and trouble free (apart from taking great care with oral hygiene). ”


“Have to say thank you for my front tooth, [just in time for Christmas] I found your surgery very modern and you staff most helpful .I liked the way I had a detailed account of what was going to happen at every appointment, and the 45 min drive from Milton Keynes was nothing in comparison to the money that it saved me, by coming to you. Also liked the fact that there is after care as well ”

Milton Keynes

“It is about a year ago since I had the tooth implant (five teeth) at your Clinic. I have travelled about 40 miles from my home (altogether four trips) to have the job done. I do not regret it.

I am happy with the service provided, and would go again if it is needed. I found the service highly professional, especially I want to thank the dentist involved with my case.

Dr Ribo was brilliant, many thanks for that.”


I was on holiday when my original bridge, which I have had for over 20 years, failed and I was left with three teeth missing from the front of my mouth.

As you can imagine this was not an ideal situation so when I got back to the UK, a week later, I had to obtain a temporary plate made very quickly from my regular dentist.

This got over the immediate problem, but I did not realise then that I would be reliant on this temporary solution for well over the next year.

My next task was to determine whether to have an implant or a plate. A plate is much cheaper and very much less practical, and there are many different options available, some better than others. An implant is much more permanent but unfortunately is much more expensive.

In the end I decided on an implant as it seemed the better long term solution and much better to live with, getting close to having the original teeth back.

My neighbour had recommended DCP so I went to them as one of the possible providers. As well as my existing dentist and one other dentist group.

Implants are expensive but DCP were the most reasonable and, as they had been recommended by my neighbour, I decided I would go to them.

I am sure it depends on the implant, but in my case it was quite a long job taking over a year to complete, and it needs to be realised that this is an operation and does involve some pain and discomfort.

Eventually the day came when my new set of teeth were delivered and fitted. It made all of the cost, time and pain worth it, as I now have a set of teeth that act and look like my original teeth (more or less).

It is such a relief not to have to take a plate out at night and to clean it and put it in water in the bath room. Of course I do have to be very careful with my new teeth and cleaning thoroughly is essential for it all to remain healthy. But it feels really odd to have teeth in the front of my mouth again where there used to be a gap. When I had the plate it had really felt like the start of the slippery road towards old age. The implant has arrested that feeling and it really allows me a very bright fresh smile again!

Carlos and his team are always helpful, informative and very professional. I knew at each stage what was happening and what were the next steps. They always use the best equipment to help determine the right course of action. It was very helpful to see the exact shape of the mouth and teeth in 3D and from different angles. This certainly helped to demonstrate the course of action. Implants probably aren’t for everyone but they seem to be working well for me so far. Thanks.


DentalCarePlus has given me a first class treatment; providing a quick assessment, clear itinerary and instructions. My dental implants feel and look so natural. I have had these for four months now and I still feel 100% satisfied.

Milton Keynes

Before I decided to have implants I use to wear a Denture for my front missing tooth which had broken this tooth and the tooth on both sides were in fact poor quality and ageing crowns which I had as a teenager caused by a childhood accident.

I am now 34 and did not want to have dentures anymore as I kept losing them and the embarrassment of trying to eat with them in public was too much.

I decided by contacting some local dentist in Essex which were either more expensive or at the same price of my treatment with DentalCarePlus.

I came across DentalCarePlus website and decided to opt for a consultation at there London clinic in upper Wimpole street.

From the start of this consultation to the end of my treatment i was always kept informed with no hidden charges or hidden agenda.

I opted to have my treatment over 18months to allow better heeling and would allow me to pay by instalments which were clearly scheduled and easy to cope with.

I have been to some dentist in the past and this one was the best id ever come across exceeded my expectation beyond belief.

I was looked after really well by all from Alex who carried out my initial consultation to the receptionist and more importantly Dr Carlos Ribo and his very very nice dental assistant.

I will be returning for routine checks, and possibly some more work for vanity reasons … lol.

Thanks you all at DentalCarePlus and thank you Dr Ribo.

See you soon.

Dagenham, Essex

“Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I would just like to say that I was very happy with the treatment I received and am very happy with the end result. I think that the service is very well run and I was very happy with the way I was looked after and everyone was very professional and that gave me confidence in the team.

I would definitely recommend DentalCarePlus to anyone looking to have an implant cos I wasn’t disappointed or have doubts in my mind or not happy with the service or treatment at any given time during my treatment, I had peace of mind. ”


I was having problems with my crowns and a bridge had failed making eating difficult and painful. Many foods such as muesli, nuts and bread crusts were impossible to eat.

My treatment plan was fully explained with X-rays to show where the implants would be fitted. I needed 8 implants in all for 10 new teeth. I was treated very well and had a good relationship with my dentist.

Although surgery was intrusive my recovery was rapid due to the care taken during the operations which kept the swelling to a minimum. After the final fitting, it was only a short time before I could eat my favourite foods again and be able to go out for a meal and choose what I liked.

I now have more confidence and am not afraid to smile, my breath is fresher and my tongue is clear of coating and a much better colour.

High Wycombe

As a very nervous visitor to the dentist I entrusted Dr Ribo to carry out the work that was required. 3 implants were required and Dr Ribo advised me every step of the way regarding what I would feel and expect. Would advise anybody who requires implants to call DentalCarePlus first, you won’t regret it.


When a tooth holding a cap broke, it left a gap. As I do a bit of singing opening my mouth in front of an audience didn’t look good. The cost of an implant was a bit prohibited until my dentist suggested doing some research from which I found DentalCarePlus.

I liked the idea of a specialist surgery and the modern cat scan equipment and most of all the fixed price. I was a little concerned of the treatment but Dr Carlos explained everything very clearly and the procedure was not as bad as I expected. The new tooth was fitted after some months and has worked well from that moment. Twelve months later I am still very happy that I had it done.


I was very pleased with the treatment I received, from the initial information about implants, the very competitive price – I travelled 80 miles to the Dental Implant Centre because they were less expensive than locally, and waiting lists were less, – and they were so relaxed, not pushy, seemed they really cared.

Dr Carlos explained the procedure, even went through the design with me, and then performed the operation, very expertly.

Compared to 2 implants I had done elsewhere, the DIC one fits better and I have had no problem with it, unlike the others.

I have already recommended him to friends and family.

Best regards



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Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and regulated by the General Dental Council (GDC)


Privacy Policy Terms and conditions Legal entity status Complaints procedure Sitemap

This website is operated by DentalCarePlus.

DentalCarePlus is a trading name of Oasis Healthcare Limited. Registered in England and Wales number: 03257078. Registered office: Bupa Dental Care, Vantage Office Park, Old Gloucester Road, Hambrook, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS16 1GW.

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