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Thank you for this appointment.

I finally received my last implant yesterday and wanted to write a review expressing my sincere thanks to Juan and his team for making this possible. Its taken a long time but now I am the proud owner of six implants and can’t imagine life without them. Juan was not only extremely professional explaining every detail of the process but also very caring and ensuring I was fine throughout each procedure.

I have on many occasions recomended him to my colleagues and friends, who in turn have been equally impressed with him. He is a lovely person and if you are lucky enough to see him I know you are in safe hands.

Thank you once again.


Before contacting DentalCarePlus in 2013, I had been suffering from gum disease for many years and, though my periodontist tried to keep it at bay, the bone loss I was suffering could not be halted and so four molars in my lower jaw became increasingly loose and needed to be removed. I consulted two local specialists about the possibility of fitting implants but due to the bone loss I had experienced I was advised that fitting implants would not be possible leaving me with only one option, the use of partial dentures, something I found extremely distressing.

I searched Google and found DentalCarePlus and requested a quote, which I received promptly. On my first visit to their London surgery I was assessed by Dr C. Ribo and, in addition to a thorough explanation of my problem and possible treatments, was given a scheduled and detailed plan of the proposed treatment along with costs for each step of the treatment.

My treatment included both guided bone restoration and socket preservation to thicken the jaw bone so that it could support the implants. Now that I have the implants fitted I am extremely pleased with the results, my new teeth looking and feeling great. The treatment gave back my confidence to smile and eat in front of other people without having to worry. I am able to eat without discomfort, even things I found quite tricky prior to treatment.

As a result of the excellent treatment and care I received from Dr Ribo I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending DentalCarePlus.

Wareham, Dorset

Having implants done was an experience,it provided with the confidence to smile again.

The team at marlow put me at ease from the first moment I got to the surgery,Dr Juan Mesquida and his nurse where brilliant.

I cannot thank him enough for giving me my smile back (as specially neary biting him twice).

The result in the treatment means I back to my old self again, thank you Dr Juan.


I had a Maryland bridge, which was old and had broken, so I decided to look into having a tooth implant. My research led me to the door of DentalCarePlus where I checked the credentials of those practising and found them to be highly qualified dental surgeons, who regularly performing these operations. I then looked at the testimonials on their website to learn how other patients had fared with their treatment.

When I met with Dr Ribo I was impressed by his thorough explanation of the treatment I would have, should I go ahead with an implant. His associates had already put me at ease with their friendly and welcoming demeanour. It was then explained that I could pay for my treatment in staged payments and not just up front as my own dentist had suggested.

Although I was a little nervous about having an implant, this proved groundless as I never had and only very minor discomfort during the whole of my treatment. I now have a perfectly matched tooth, which I am very happy with, and I would not hesitate to recommend DentalCarePlus to anyone embarking on this treatment.


I picked Dental Care Plus for two reasons. Having done an Internet Search, Dental Care Plus came back with a plan based on the information given but did inform me that they could not give a complete plan via the Internet and also that they were not the cheapest. This impressed me, too many providers tell you they are low budget and then add on extras. This was not the case with DCP.

My impression of the London surgery and waiting rooms were very favourable, everything very light and airy (especially considering the age of the buildings and the restrictions that are placed on such an old building) and it is always spotlessly clean.

Everything was explained to me fully, what would be involved, how long recovery would be and how much it would cost. All the staff were supportive and kind, especially at the sessions where I had to have extractions and the implants. I was reassured by all the staff, both during the procedures and whilst waiting to go into the actual consulting room that I was doing well.

I did have a choice of wearing dentures for the rest of my life but it was not something I wanted and I choose implants. Would I have it done again? Hopefully I won’t have to! Certainly life is easier, I can now eat raw vegetables again and it is easier to indulge in my love of singing without the denture dropping down, although I am still acclimatising to the fact that my teeth are not very “mobile” and I cannot pronounce some words clearly yet. The first time I had something either heat hot or spicy hot was a bit of a shock to the palate.

Everyone at DCP was professional and kind. I could not have asked for better treatment. My daughter accompanied me when I had the implants out in and she was very impressed at the cleanliness and friendliness.


Having always looked after my teeth with regular check-ups and at times dental work to keep them in good condition, it came as a surprise and disappointment I began to experience deterioration in two of my back teeth which had to be removed, not entirely successfully by my usual dentist. It left me with gaps that made eating painful and far from enjoyable.

I decided that I needed professional attention and care and whilst searching for a local dental care specialist, came across DentalCarePlus Marlow, who are located just 25 mins drive from my home.

I did not know what to expect when I attended my first consultation. I got professionalism, friendly attention from receptionist through to the dental surgeon, Juan Mesquida who immediately put my mind at rest. I left that evening totally aware of the surgery needed to remove remains of roots, preparation for the two implants and guidance on how long this would take.

Numerous appointments resulted. Each appointment receiving the utmost care and attention. I have to say that I was very impressed with the standards that they work to. My case was not the easiest. My dentist had given up trying to remove a root, but not Juan who patiently worked at it and removed it entirely.

Everything is carefully checked throughout the procedures and the end result is that I now have two new teeth that feel that they have always been there, part of me. Eating is now again a joy. It took time to achieve, I don’t know how other companies offer a one day service, I wouldn’t want to contemplate it.

The end result is that I have got what I hoped for when I first walked in to the surgery. I hope to never have to repeat this but should this ever occur, I will be walking back into Marlow surgery with the confidence that I am in the hands of professionals who really know what they are doing.


It is time I thanked you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy eating again.

I came to consult you as after years of trying to adjust to using a plate. I had not got used to the discomfort and even more importantly the reduced taste of my food.

Initially I had 5 implants and when shortly after the work was completed I had further dental problems I did not hesitate to have you commence work on a further 6 implants. During the extended period of both treatments you never failed to explain with great care at every stage what was happening, and your attention to detail ensured that all the work was carried out to a high standard.

Your open manner and cheerful personality eased moments when I might have been apprehensive as did the friendly and always helpful attitude of the nurses and staff in the office.

It is now a joy to eat a meal without the discomfort of food being trapped under the plate and to be able to taste what I eat. An odd effect for a few weeks was being out and thinking that I had forgotten to put my plate in – my implants are so much part of my mouth I am not aware of their presence!!

Thank you again, I am delighted with my implants.

Marlow, Bucks

At 75 years of age, I was not interested in my looks but did not want a plate, so plumped for an implant. Although Marlow is an hour’s drive from me I liked the sound of Dental Care Plus and was very impressed by the professionalism and care of Dr Juan Mesquida and the rest of the team. I am delighted by the implant and the colour match. Immediately felt like my own tooth.

Farnham, Surrey

I am in my mid 60’s and over a relatively short period of time I lost my remaining two upper left molars – so there was nothing behind my canine tooth – this made chewing food on my left-hand side almost impossible and I was becoming acutely embarrassed and aware of a visible gap when talking or smiling. I realised that implants were probably the right solution for me as I really didn’t want to have a removable plate.

I actually considered three dental implant providers and paid for initial examinations with all three – while the other two gave me detailed examinations, I was really impressed with the technology employed and the more complete and minute detail captured by Mr Matthew Emmott when he saw me at the DentalCarePlus Upper Wimpole Street, London clinic – the way he and his staff operated really filled me with confidence. Also I must say the price quoted by DentalCarePlus was the most reasonable!

The whole experience (extractions and implants) was handled very professionally and, once injections given, was really totally pain free. I was very impressed with the speed and sureness that Mr Emmott operated – he certainly came over as a very confident and expert surgeon. In addition to Mr Emmott all the other staff were supportive, friendly and impressed me with their professionalism and demeanour.

I won’t say this has changed my life – but now that I have my implants – I am more reassured and can chew and am happy to smile again!

I would really recommend DentalCarePlus to anyone who is looking for effective treatment.

Croydon, Surrey

I was devastated when my bridge broke and my dentist told me he would make a temporary fix but there was nothing more he could do. He said a denture to replace the four teeth that I would lose was the only option unless I considered implants. My dentist recommended someone who could do implants and I made an appointment. Unfortunately I could not afford to pay the price I was quoted for everything they said I needed done.

I looked online, found DentalCarePlus and made an appointment. I was offered a choice of treatments and the price although still a lot was considerably lower and I decided to go ahead.

I had two implants with a bridge (4 teeth in total ) at the top and one implant at the bottom. The treatment was pain free and I felt very well cared for. Each step was explained to me so I knew what to expect. I was always made to feel comfortable and the team were extremely friendly and helpful. I am absolutely thrilled with the results, the implants feel and look natural and make me feel much more confident. I am going to start another course of treatment to get 2 more implants as soon as I can.

I would happily recommend DentalCarePlus to anyone considering implants.

Harlow, Essex

I am very pleased to recommend DentalCarePlus to anybody requiring dental implants. I first heard about DentalCarePlus via the internet & was impressed enough to make an appointment at the time I was in some pain due to a loose tooth which had become infected. Juan soon fixed this with antibiotics & after an examination surprised me by stating I needed four implants and that I also needed bone regeneration.

A previous dentist had told me I had plenty of bone and that the loose teeth would stiffen up after professional cleaning. This was of course proven wrong by Juan who showed me X Rays & a CT scan so I signed up for the treatment.

Throughout the whole procedure everything was fully explained to me by both Juan and the team everyone at DentalCarePlus was very helpful and professional. I still attend for cleans with Carole (the hygienist) as she gives the most thorough cleans I have experienced. I found having the implants totally painless, a bit of a lengthy procedure but something that is best not rushed. My teeth now look the best they have ever looked white & strong and they feel great I am always smiling.

Thank you and all the best to Juan and all the team at DentalCarePlus


The team at DentalCarePlus are highly professional and extremely caring. I am absolutely delighted with my implants and would have no hesitation in recommending their service.


I had gaps upper and lower on the same side of my mouth meaning that all of my eating was on the other side and, unsurprisingly, that too had various dental problems.

The treatment I received from Dental Care Plus was lengthy, more so than expected, but very thorough. Naturally some of it was pretty uncomfortable, but not significantly more than previous dental treatments. I saw the same clinician each time which was reassuring to me, and the explanations and answers to my questions were always thorough.

Now, more than 18 months since completion, I have had no hint of any problems with Dental Care Plus’ work, and I am consciously happy 3 times every day that I went to them.


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Many of the images and videos used throughout our website were taken and produced before the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, social distancing rules and extra levels of PPE are not represented across all visuals.



Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and regulated by the General Dental Council (GDC)


Privacy Policy Terms and conditions Legal entity status Complaints procedure Sitemap

This website is operated by DentalCarePlus.

DentalCarePlus is a trading name of Oasis Healthcare Limited. Registered in England and Wales number: 03257078. Registered office: Bupa Dental Care, Vantage Office Park, Old Gloucester Road, Hambrook, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS16 1GW.

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