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What do our patients say about us?

Looking for a DentalCarePlus patient review or patient testimonial?

Our patients and our referring dentists choose DentalCarePlus for many reasons, chiefly “dental implants is what you do”, “qualified and experienced implant dentists”, “exceptional value for money, without compromising on quality of care”, “experience in complex cases, such as all on four” …

Continually meeting our patients’ expectations with their treatment and experience at DentalCarePlus means many patients are more than willing to take time to write us a testimonial. Here are a select few.

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“Having fell over on holiday and knocked my front teeth out I visited the Manchester branch with regard to having implants. Dr Steven Garner can only be described as a life saver. The treatment I received from him was completely painless, excellent and one could not have asked for more. However, more came in the form of Yousrah who crowned two of my teeth wonderfully and both Yousrah and Steven worked together for the final fitting of the implants and crowns. I have never in all my life had such perfect teeth. Rachel, Katie and all the staff were so kind and helpful and as this was an anxious time for me their reassurance and help was gladly received. I would have no hesitation in recommending this practice to anybody who is considering having dental implants. Steven Garner is, I repeat, a life saver.”

I. Currie

“I would like to give a special thank you to all the team at DentalCarePlus Callington. I suffered a lot with an accident when I was younger which made me lose my front teeth. I have always suffered a lot from a teenager with confidence using a denture. On arrival and my first consultancy I knew I was in great hands with a surgeon who doesn’t just want me to have the best treatment but a surgeon who is very passionate with the highest standards.

The surgery I had was an All on 6 top Jaw Bridge. Naturally I read around and knew the procedure would be very painful but whilst in the chair I was very well looked after, with regular checks under Local Anaesthetic. Which I promise is bearable. After and until everything was complete I received regular checks from when my stitches came out to placing my final bridge and with one of Alex fantastic stories about his adventures and studies.

Alex was such a perfectionist with my bridge I received numbers of refits and sizing, biting etc., and even highlighting tooth angles and structure what the normal eye would miss. I am extremely happy with my teeth and would recommend anyone to not suffer with your denture and make the decision to go with the implants. The benefits are instant, from when you have your temporary bridge, your lifestyle and eating habits drastically improve.

I am a few months past completion, A few problems with speech at first which has improved a lot. Clean and extremely healthy gums and most importantly confident and back to eating all my favourite sweets and meals.

Thanks Again to All the Team”

D. Rolle-Jackson

“It has taken just over a year for my course of 20 dental implants to be completed, the dental work was extensive with sinus lifts, bone grafting and 11 extractions.

Ioannis and his team at the Bristol Implant centre were amazing and extremely professional. Ioannis is very experienced and capable surgeon who is caring and understanding but also explains exactly what to expect after any surgery. Six weeks ago I received my six lower crowns and the final upper jaw bridge of 14 teeth two weeks ago. How my life has changed!! I can smile again and I can eat again and to top it all they look and feel amazing. Thank you so much Ioannis and your team.

I have already recommended two people and will carry on sending people your way.”

R. Davis

“I arrived at Dental Care Plus with a mouth full of rotten teeth, on examination by Stephen Garner told me that all my teeth had to come out, and politely told me that my month was also very infected and once the teeth were out I would feel healthier. Stephen took all my teeth out including my wisdom teeth, and guess what I never felt a thing; my old teeth were replaced with temporary dentures until my gums healed up ready for stage two. I arrived back at Dental Care Plus ready for the implants, which Stephen did in one sitting, and some weeks later, I arrived back again after my gums had healed up. None of which was uncomfortable or distressing. I have a fantastic smile and would recommend anyone who is a little bit hesitant, to try Dental Care Plus as I did. They have a very professional team in place from the lovely receptionist to the calming dental nurse Rachael who was always there to put me at ease. I feel twenty years younger and cannot stop smiling.”

T. Mooney

“I needed a single implant for a naturally missing tooth after completing orthodontic treatment. I had been postponing the procedure for fear of pain. The least I can say is: the fear was unjustified and I wish I had it done sooner! I did experience very minimal discomfort during the procedure.

I am very grateful to have found Mr Garner’s team at DentalCarePlus Manchester. I felt very comfortable on my first visit and throughout the treatment thanks to the exceptional dental nurse Rachel. Mr Garner who is an expert in dental implants and Sana at reception who would be very accommodating when scheduling or rearranging appointments. Last but not least, the result exceeded my expectations: the implant restoration looks amazing and blends very naturally with my own teeth!

Thanks very much to the whole team at DentalCarePlus Manchester.”

F. Amari

“I have recently concluded my treatment with DentalCarePlus. I am very pleased with the result which included 5 implants and a bridge at the front of my mouth. The treatment throughout has been carried out with care and quality. All aspects of the treatment were fully explained and as a patient I felt comfortable with the whole team, led by Steve Garner and his dental nurse Rachel. The receptionist Sana deserves a special mention as a vital link in the team and prepared to go the extra mile to make the patient feel comfortable. I would happily recommend their services. There pricing was fair.”

I. Elder

“After having a fall aged 11 losing my two front teeth, I went on to have extensive dental work over the years. Aged 50 I had reached the point of needing either a full top denture or Implants. I began my research into implants, getting quoted 25k for them far too much money for me. I went to lots of different Implant Clinics they were either too expensive or I didn’t feel comfortable with them, I was seriously thinking of going abroad.

Then I came across Dental Care Plus after reading all about them I decided to make an appointment. My first point of call was speaking to Vicky she was really nice and very helpful, she made me a consultation with Ioanis who made me feel at ease straight away, my case wasn’t straight forward I had a lot of bone loss, he explained what needed to be done also it would take at least 12 months if all went well.

I went away and still did a little more research on what Ioanis had said to me also went to another couple of places but decided I felt more comfortable with Ioanis than anybody else I had spoken too.

Once I had agreed to the treatment we set a date to say I was feeling very nervous was an understatement, both Ioanis & Vicky were fantastic at explaining things.

My first procedure was having some difficult extractions & having a full arch of dentures all went well even the dentures looked good. I got given pain killers and also got a call from Vicky the next day asking if I was alright.

I went on over the next few months having bone grafts done & sinus lifts, waiting a few months before having the implants fitted… Having the implants was a scary time but it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Everything got explained to me whilst Ioanis was carrying out the procedure both Vicky & Ioanis making me feel at ease.

After 3 months I went back to the clinic to see how things had gone, after another scan to see if all the implants had taken, turned out that 2 had failed, Ioanis said not to worry he would re do them for me no additional cost but it would delay the finished treatment by 3 months. I didn’t mind how long it took as long as the outcome was good. Another 3 months went by and the new implants had taken. After a lot of impressions taken I now have my lovely new teeth, I am really pleased with them I was never rushed we looked at the teeth decided how I wanted them to look both Ioanis & Vicky helping me , at no point was I rushed. I would definitely recommend Ioanis he is a highly skilled Implant surgeon he has restored my confidence and given me a lovely smile.

I wouldn’t hesitate in using DentalCarePlus again not only are they competitive they are extremely skilled and knowledgeable. Thank you Ioanis & Vicky.”


“I had been pondering having dental implants for several years and been for many consultations. I was unhappy with the appearance of my teeth and mainly fed up with the difficulty I was having eating any hard food. The dentists seemed worried that I did not have enough bone in the jaw to support treatment which included a couple of implants with a bridge. I did not go away feeling confident that the treatment would work.

After a lot of research I decided to go to Dental Care Plus in Almondsbury for a final consultation. What a difference! Yannis was confident that he could do the procedure including a bone graft and I had no more doubts that the treatment wouldn’t work. The surgery itself was very clean and the dental assistant was so re-assuring, friendly and helpful, she too had an implant so had first hand experience of what I was going through. The receptionist was friendly and always returned my calls straight away. They really are a very professional and happy team.

When the surgery day arrived I was very nervous, but pleasantly surprised to find that it was no more painful or unpleasant that having a root filling or crown prep and fitting. Yannis and Yvonne were very competent during the surgery, and chatted to me throughout about what was happening. After the surgery, I took some painkillers which worked well. However, I had a dull ache for a few more days than expected and was advised to return to the surgery. Yannis knew what was wrong immediately, put it right and I had no further discomfort. Yannis was absolutely spot on, with everything he told me, throughout the treatment.

I had the bridge fitted two months ago. It is so fantastic to be able to eat anything I like, the implants are rock solid, unlike the rest of my teeth. I am so thrilled with them that I am thinking of having a top bridge replaced. If you are considering implants, do go along and see Yannis, you won’t regret it. The prices are extremely competitive too.”

T. Flannery

“At the age of 50 whilst eating a pizza, my crowns finally gave up and broke. With no option other than to have unsightly gaps or dentures it was with a heavy heart I approached my dentist. After looking in my mouth and listening to how I had always been embarrassed to smile I was given my options which were dentures or implants. I opted for the implants as I wanted something as close to my own natural teeth without the worry of them becoming loose or having to remove them at the end of the day.

From the start my dentist told me that at no point would I ever leave the dentist chair with a gap which was very important to me. I had intensive work with extractions and bone grafts all of which lasted over 36 months. At no point was I left in pain and had minimal down time healing.

I was able to work through all of my treatment. The treatment was so good work colleagues didn’t even realise I was having work done. Now at 53 I am always smiling I have great looking teeth that are secure and do the job intended.

Mathivanan my dentist who designed and completed all the work on my teeth was a perfectionist my teeth are a testament to that. It is without doubt the best purchase of my life.”

E. Hosking

“I have received treatment at the Manchester Dental Care Plus Implant Centre over a period of twelve months for my dental implants…To be honest, I always am hesitating when choosing my dentist as it was very important for me to get at the right place and trusting on the right people…especially for my dental implants.

I am very pleased to tell that Manchester Dental Care Plus Implant Centre really satisfied me as I am happy with my implants and all the treatments I got so far and I am sure will get same level of high quality service from this very professional staff…talking about the staff obliged me to thanks very much all this amazing team starting from the amazing receptionist ladies Sana and Leah taking in charge and making all the administrative matters easy and smooth to the very professional surgery team formed by the excellent George and his wonderful assistant Katie. I more than highly recommend the genius and excellent skills of Geroge Nikolis and Katie. George is really an expert practitioner and very professional who gave me a very nice smile and for that I will always be grateful.

Excellent communication, excellent vision, great availability and extremely nice people…I am very pleased with my dental implants from Dental Care Plus Manchester.

Very well done team!”

H. Amari

“Very professional service and lovely staff especially Rachel and Sana on reception they will answer any questions you may have and arrange a consultation for you.”

P. Mackie

“I have had 2 teeth implanted at Dentalcareplus in Heald Green by Stephen Garner and could not give a better recommendation. From start to finish it was very professional from being greeted by Rachel and Sana to the actual treatment.

I had gone to other dentists to see who was best and best value also. Stephen impressed me so much I decided to have it done there and then and I was not wrong.

Thanks for everything, I will be back if I need any more.”

P. Fielding

“I would like to thank the whole team at Dental Care Plus in Manchester for the very professional treatment I have received over the past six months. They made me feel very welcome and at ease leading to a stress free experience. Special thanks to Sana, Rachel, Manuel and Lee.”

J. Bramhall

“Dear Mr Paulsson
It is with great joy that I am thanking you for the perfect job you did with my implant. It was relatively painless and the care and attention you paid to the position of the implant and for the correct alignment to the other teeth was exemplary. One more thing to mention is that the implant doesn’t feel any different to my natural teeth. Thank you once again for a great job.”

C. Ronald

“I would like to say a big “Thank you” to Mr Garner, Rachel and Sana, I lost several teeth from around the time I turned 60, and was having to contemplate a partial denture. The procedure wasn’t painful once the local anaesthetic had gone in, and the information given plus the team’s professionalism, kindness & good humour, did a lot to reduce anxiety. The implants feel like my own teeth, and I appreciate the cosmetic improvement, & the fact that I can once again eat more or less what I like. The after care has been good, there have been no complications, but it is reassuring to know that you can be seen promptly should any problem arise.

I would recommend your Heald Green clinic to anyone considering implants, I’m very pleased with the results.”

M. Holland

“First class treatment with this company highly recommended, two implants done with no problems, all staff very friendly.”

L. Collins
“I visited Dental Care Plus at the Cornwall branch yesterday, this was for an implant consultation with Alex. As I have come to expect after already having two implants done here the customer service is exceptional from speaking to Alison who always has a smile on her face and is always ready to help or listen to any concerns to the implant specialist. Alex really make me feel at ease and answered all my questions, explaining everything in detail and putting my mind at rest. They are a wonderful team and I would recommend them to anyone.”

S. Owen
“Thank you to the team at Manchester for giving me my confidence back.

As a woman in my early 20s I have had confidence issues for years over the two missing lateral incisors I had which were replaced by poor fitting bridges (which kept falling out!) by another dentist.

I was fed up of not wanting to smile on pictures and avoid eating certain foods because of no functionality with my front teeth.

I had received a couple of quotes for the two implants I needed before contacting DentalCarePlus and they were significantly more expensive than what I was charged for the work here.

I have now completed the whole process and have just had my new teeth fitted and I am so happy with the results. I can’t thank Dr Stephen Garner, Rachel and Sana enough for their professional, caring treatment of me.

I was a nervous patient and this was always considered during treatment – which was painless.

Thank you”

J. Bray

“I was really pleased with the care at DentalCarePlus and with the support. I needed an implant for a front tooth, so I was very self-conscious and wouldn’t smile very much .I am very nervous but dentists but I was made to feel welcome and at ease. Alex the dentist that treated me was great and patient and made the visit less scary. I now have my new implant and I am so happy and couldn’t thank them enough. I can’t stop smiling now and love feeling normal again .I would highly recommend them to everyone.”

T. Vanstone
“Prior to having the implant treatment I had to wear dentures “full upper set, partial lower”. I found eating food extremely difficult, and embarrassing at times if I’m being honest. But all that changed for good once I had decided to have dental implants. The whole team at DentalCarePlus were professional from the first visit to the last, they couldn’t have been more friendly and kind if they tried. I had 4 implants in my upper jaw and 2 in the lower, and I have to say it has changed my life especially socially completely, I have my confidence back, eating out is an absolute pleasure and I also cannot stop smiling. I have to thank Mr Stephen Garner, Rachel and all the team, but a special mention must go to Lee Bardsley, every visit I was made to feel very comfortable, he gave me my smile and my life back, he would probably feel embarrassed reading that, but it is true so once again thank you, Stephen, Rachel, Lee and all the team.”

Mr J. Sullivan, Manchester

“Just had treatment at Finney Lane Heald Green and just wanted to say a big thank-you to Vicky, Sana, Rachel, Lee and Stephen they are an amazing team, at first I was very scared having had a bad experience at a local dentist, but Rachel and Vicky were great and made me feel at ease. I would recommend dental care plus to anyone, a big thank you to you all you have made me more confident than I ever was, my new teeth are great.”

Susan Lalley

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Many of the images and videos used throughout our website were taken and produced before the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, social distancing rules and extra levels of PPE are not represented across all visuals.



Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and regulated by the General Dental Council (GDC)


Privacy Policy Terms and conditions Legal entity status Complaints procedure Sitemap

This website is operated by DentalCarePlus.

DentalCarePlus is a trading name of Oasis Healthcare Limited. Registered in England and Wales number: 03257078. Registered office: Bupa Dental Care, Vantage Office Park, Old Gloucester Road, Hambrook, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS16 1GW.

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