Single dental implant treatment at DentalCarePlus

Looking to replace a missing tooth with a single dental implant? Since DentalCarePlus are dedicated to dental implant treatments, our experienced implant dentist perform all types dental implant-related treatment, and this includes single tooth dental implants.

A dentist undergoes specialised training to carry out dental implant treatment. Success rates are usually very high if carried out by a trained and experienced implant dentist and if strict aftercare instructions are followed.  At DentalCarePlus we have an audited 99.4% success rate – far higher than the national average.

DentalCarePlus dentists are highly experienced in all dental implant-based restorative treatment and perform hundreds of single dental implant treatments every month.  For many of our patients, this is often an emergency procedure.

DentalCarePlus dental implant clinics - experienced dental implant dentists

Why do I need a dental implant (or ‘tooth implant’)?

Reasons why you may need a dental implant

A dental implant – sometimes called tooth implants or teeth implants) placed next to or in-between natural teeth give a stable and a natural looking new ‘tooth’.

A single dental implant is a straightforward tooth replacement solution to a:

  • a missing tooth
  • a loose tooth
  • a tooth with a poor prognosis (e.g., decayed)
  • a broken tooth
  • a cracked tooth
  • a tooth with a failed root canal
  • a ‘baby’ tooth / ‘milk’ tooth / ‘deciduous’ tooth
  • a tooth damaged as a result of an injury – contact sports, rugby and hockey are common.

In some single tooth cases, patients contact us in an emergency – wanting to get a quick tooth replacement.

DentalCarePlus Dental Implant Clinics - single dental implant

How long does a single tooth dental implant treatment take?

  • Single tooth dental implant treatment durations differ patient to patient.
  • In simple cases (where the CBCT scan shows good bone quality and quantity), there are 3 or 4 appointments over a 3-5 month period.
  • See treatment plan process for further details
  • If an extraction is needed, a 2-4 month healing period is usually required before the implant is placed.  However, it may be possible to place the dental implant at the same time …

Same day tooth / immediately loaded implants

In some circumstances – when there is good bone quantity / quality – it is possible to extract a tooth and place an implant in the same appointment.  This is called a same day or immediately loaded dental implant

DentalCarePlus Dental Implant Clinics - dental implant treatment duration

Single tooth dental implants – questions, costs and referral services

  • For any questions regarding single dental implant treatment, please do not hesitate to contact one of our treatment coordinators.
  • Are you a general dentist or Specialist who does not place dental implants? Click for more information about our referral services
  • Refer to our FAQ page for more useful information

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