High quality materials – dental implant brand?

Since our treatments are such good value,  we sometimes get asked – usually by our referring dentists, sometimes by our competitors – which dental implant brands and bone grafting materials we use.

This is despite that fact that the cost of a dental implant is only one factor in determining the cost of a treatment.  There are clinician, laboratory technician and staffing fees (with our highly experienced resources, these costs are significant), materials, aftercare medication, technology etc.

Is the implant brand important?

Yes, though what is more important is to choose a highly experienced clinician (i.e., an MSc or post graduate qualification in implant dentistry), since they will always use high quality materials with evidence-based techniques to place the implants.

Do you get what you pay for?

Most dental implant systems are similar, yet expensive marketing and promotion drives up prices. The industry has seen an excess of cheap implants an implant components copied from reputable implant systems, called ‘clones’. Many clones do not have the same track record, levels of production, or the necessary clinical, biological and laboratory research – qualities for a long term result.

DentalCarePlus Dental ImplantsDentalCarePlus Dental ImplantsDentalCarePlus Dental Implants

High quality dental implant components

Our clinicians have highly regarded reputations to maintain, with an interest in providing patients with an accurate and predictable long-term result, so they do not compromise on the quality of products / materials used.

Throughout their distinguished careers, our clinicians have placed implants from industry-renowned manufacturers – 3i, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Bio Horizons, Implant Direct Sybron Solutions, Astra Tech, Ankylos, Adin, MIS and Alpha-Bio to name just a few – and have learnt through the experience of numerous restorations which are the most reliable and versatile.

Because DentalCarePlus is predominantly a group of referral clinics for dental implant treatments, our dentists place all the major brands of dental implants.  The implant components we use are made from titanium alloy grade 5 (Ti6Al4V) and are manufactured by Straumann, Bio-Horizons and Adin Implant Systems, manufacturers renowned for:

  • long track records
  • outstanding primary stability
  • greater surface area that aid bone to implant bonding in all bone types
  • high success rates
  • range of components and sizes (lengths / widths)
  • compatibility with other implant systems

Adin dental implants are the system our clinicians predominantly use.  Click here to read why Adin are considered to be amongst the best dental implant systems available. The fact that our lead clinician – a tutor at the Royal College of Surgeons with over 20 years implant experience – recommends that all our clinicians use them, speaks for itself.

Our clinicians have placed over 50,000 implants and treated over 10,000 patients with an audited 99.4% implant integration success rate with the dental implants that they use.

DentalCarePlus dental implant clinics - dental implant brand

High quality bone and soft tissue materials

Bone restoration materials: our clinicians use Bio-Oss by Geistlich for our animal (Xenograft) biomaterial and/or Mineross by BioHorizons for our Human (Allograft) donor biomaterial.

Soft tissue restoration materials: our clinicians use Alloderm by Geistlich for our human (Allograft) biomaterial / Mucograft by BioHorizons for our animal (Xenograft) biomaterial.

These are well proven biomaterials and are also the market leaders.  Since DentalCarePlus are one of the UKs largest purchasers of Geistich biomaterials materials, so we get substantial discounts.


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