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As you are aware, implant dentistry has been a remarkable success over the last 30 years. Numerous improvements have made the discipline more efficient and predictable.

Unfortunately problems do occur. These complications can prove challenging and frustrating.

Why choose DentalCarePlus for your patients’ failing dental implants?

We provide rehabilitative / restorative services to patients with a failing dental implant restoration. We will work collaboratively with you to fix your patient’s dental implant restorations. Your patient will be treated as they would in any dentist / referral dentist affiliation.

Our highly experienced clinical team aside, we are known for providing their treatments at very competitive prices.

What are the remedial services that DentalCarePlus provides?

We can provide all the treatment necessary to achieve the best possible chance of a successful rehabilitation of your patient’s failed dental implant restoration. This includes a detailed clinical assessment and any form of oral surgery including implant removal and replacement, all types of bone augmentation, replacing implant crowns and bridges, implant-retained hybrid bridges and overdentures.

We can also perform any aesthetic improvements required to appease a patient who is disgruntled about visual appearance including soft tissue grafting, enameloplasty, gingivectomy etc. Members of our team would be appointed to complex oral surgery or advanced prosthodontics improvements according to their speciality or particular strengths.

We offer a standard of treatment that dental professionals can rely on with the knowledge that your patient will receive the highest level of care. Patients requiring work unrelated to their implant restoration are referred back to you for this treatment.

What if your patient needs additional (non-implant related) dental work?

We do not perform routine dental procedures unless they are related to the treatment of a dental implant restoration. If a patient requires work unrelated to their implant restoration, such as fillings, crown and bridge work, root canal treatment etc., we will refer the patient back (to you) for treatment.

How does referring to DentalCarePlus benefit you?

As in endodontics, complex cases or cases that require multifarious remedial treatment require the highest level of expertise. We offer the confidence that you and your dental implant patient need, assuring the highest level of care.

Also, since we do not perform routine general dentistry, if we discover that your patient requires work unrelated to their implant restoration, we will refer the patient back to you for treatment.

Dento-legal Considerations

Implant dentistry has seen a marked increase in demand in recent years and with high success rates; however problems such as failure to osseo-integrate, peri-implantitis and implant rejection, are factors usually outside of a clinician’s control that can cause a patient to lose confidence without good reason.

Cases of litigation for clinical negligence are on the increase, so it is in the treating clinician’s best interests to rectify any problems as soon as they arise. Once a patient has sought legal advice and retained legal representation all too often the opportunity to offer remedial treatment is denied.

DentalCarePus Dental Implant Clinics - CT Scan 5

Lawyers would usually encourage a litigant to see an independent dentist for an ‘expert’ opinion. Unfortunately the chosen dentist may see an opportunity to submit a higher than usual fee for the rectification, and to find every possible excuse to criticise the treating clinician’s work in a one-sided report. We find this practice to be unacceptable, but regrettably quite common.

We can provide a second opinion that is not economically motivated or biased against the original treating clinician, and we are committed to preparing reports for a realistic fee. We benefit from having 3D dental cone beam CT scanners at all locations, and a report formulated without the advantage of a CBCT scan would not be comprehensive.

We encourage implant dentists to send any patient with a grievance to us as soon as it arises. We will then liaise with the referrer and suggest a remedial treatment plan. In the event that the patient chooses not to have the remedial treatment done by the original treating clinician, we will agree a sensible fee in advance to fix the patient’s problem.

Patients are treated as they would be in any dentist / referral dentist affiliation, to provide rehabilitation / restorative services to patients whatever the type of problem encountered.

Our dental implant remedial services  – questions or advice, our costs and referral services

  • For any questions about our dental implant failure remedial services – whether you are a prospective patient or referring dentist – please contact us!
  • For any dental implant failure questions, including potential costs – contact us to speak to a treatment coordinator
  • If you are a dentist who has patients with dental implant failures and are on the lookout for dentist who is experienced in the rehabilitation of failed dental implants, we are here for you.


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