Dental implant failures

Do you have failing dental implants?

Do you have failing dental implants? Do you have a dental implant that feels loose? The field of dental implants has been remarkably successful over the last two decades or so, with many improvements over the years that have made the discipline more predictable.

Implants have a very high success rate, though problems do occur, such as the failure of an implant to osseointegrate (fuse with the bone), implant rejection due to the body’s immune response system, peri-implantitis (a bacterial infection which leads to a gradual loss of bone around the implant), mechanical failure etc.

Why choose DentalCarePlus to treat your failing dental implants?

We provide dental services to patients with failing, loose dental implants. You will be cared for by qualified and experienced clinicians, who solely focus on implant dentistry.

The highly experienced clinical team aside, DentalCarePlus are renowned for their very competitive prices.

What are the remedial services that DentalCarePlus provides?

We provide all treatment necessary to achieve the successful rehabilitation of your dental implant restorations. This includes implant removal and replacement, bone augmentation (guided bone regeneration,sinus lift/ floor elevation etc.).

Our implant dentists also offer aesthetic improvement treatments such as soft tissue grafting, enameloplasty (tooth reshaping), gingivectomy (gum reshaping), replacing implant crowns, implant-retained bridges, implant-retained hybrid bridges and implant-retained overdentures.

What if I need additional dental work other than that related to dental implants?

We do not perform routine dental procedures unless they are related to the treatment of a dental implant restoration. If you require dental work unrelated to your implant restoration, such as fillings, crown and bridge work, root canal treatment etc., we will refer you back to your dentist for these procedures.

Dental implant remedial treatment – questions, costs and referral services

  • For any dental implant remedial treatment questions – from patients or dentists – contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable treatment coordinators.
  • It is not possible to provide a cost of a dental implant remedial treatment until we have seen the patient for an assessment.  However, our costs are 40% lower than the UK average.  Contact us for more information!
  • If you are a dentist looking for an dentist experienced in dental implant remedial treatments, see Referrals
  • Refer to our FAQ page for more useful information

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