Fixed Removable Full Implant Bridge

Suitable for patients with no teeth to the upper, lower or both jaws as well as patients with all teeth failing to the upper, lower or both jaws.

The bridge is constructed using high impact acrylic with a chrome base and 12-14 high quality Enigma Life teeth to each jaw.  It provides a highly stable and functional set of teeth supported by 2 or 4 dental implants supporting special locator abutments that allows the bridge to be easily removed for cleaning.  When the bridge is “click fit” connected to the implants chewing function is similar to that of natural teeth and unlike traditional dentures does not require the use of denture adhesive.  In some cases a bar retainer is used in place of the locator abutments.

The connection of the bridge to the implants is highly secure giving a similar feel to a fixed bridge.

This implant treatment system is particularly appropriate for patients that have lost or are losing their teeth due to smoking, gum disease or long-term neglect.

This is less costly than an implant fixed bridge, but nonetheless very effective.

In most cases the implants can be utilised to convert to a fixed bridge at a later date if required by the patient.

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