Dental implant FAQs

Dental Implants on Groupon?!

What next? A Groupon offer for a kidney transplant or a heart operation?

For a variety of reasons, not everyone is suitable for dental implants.  A thorough clinical assessment is required before a treatment plan can be created.

UK dentistry – in particular clinics advertising cheap dental implants – has recently seen an increase in Groupon offers.  These dental implant Groupon offers are booked on-line and paid for in advance, without the clinic even carrying out a clinical assessment to see of a patient is indeed suitable for the treatment.

These tactics, that are designed to increase profits, are exposing the dental profession to considerable scrutiny.

Should a patient consider having implant restoration treatment on a Groupon offer? That of course is a patient’s choice.

Should patients be subjected to inducement with Groupon offers? That may be for the health sector regulators to decide.

Where can I find affordable dental implants in the UK?

There is no need to risk a Groupon offer.  At DentalCarePlus the cost of dental implants are from £995 for a completed implant.  We are 40% below the UK average, without compromising on the quality of care.

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