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How long does a dental implant treatment take?

It depends ….

Following the clinical assessment with 3D CBCT scan, dental implant treatment durations differ depending on the treatment.  If there are:

  1. No teeth extractions and good bone volume, there are typically three to four appointments over a four to five month period.
  2. Teeth extractions required and good bone volume, there are typically four to six appointments over a five to seven month period.
  3. Teeth extractions required and poor bone volume, there are typically five to eight appointments over a nine month period or more.
  4. Teeth extractions required and very poor bone volume in a complex or full jaw case, there are typically seven to twelve appointments over a twelve month period or more.
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Dental implant osseointegration and the restoration

After the implants are placed a period of three to six months is needed to allow the implant/s to integrate with the bone.  This period is called osseointegration.

After the dental implants have integrated with the bone, there is a set of appointments called the restoration. The restoration is where the crown/s or bridge is fabricated, starting with impressions and finishing with the fitting of the crown/s or bridge.

The restoration can be as few as two appointments (impressions and fitting), and in complex cases can be as many as six appointments, since additional procedures may be necessary in order for the crown/s or bridge to be fabricated properly.

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What about teeth in a day / Same day teeth?

… arrive with missing / failing teeth and leave with a new smile

When there is good gum and bone support, it may be possible to extract a tooth or teeth and place the implants in the same appointment.  This is called an immediately loaded implant (for a single tooth or a few teeth) or teeth in a day (for full jaw bridges).

This procedure can significantly reduce the number of appointments and the duration of a treatment plan.

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