Dental implant guarantees

The UK dental industry has seen an increase of cost-orientated foreign dentists providing cheap dental implant treatments, often selling seemingly attractive ‘life time guarantees’ or ’10 year dental implant guarantees’ on their dental implant treatments.

In the light of this, since DentalCarePlus is the only group of clinics in the UK dedicated to implant dentistry, with leading dental implant clinicians it is important for us to clarify our position on guarantees.

DentalCarePlus Dental Implant Clinics - guarantee

There are two types of dental implant guarantee …

The manufacturer’s dental implant guarantee

  • The dental implant manufacturer’s guarantee covers the very rare scenario of implant component fracture, undertaking to replace any implant component for a specified timeframe.  All reputable manufacturers typically offer a lifetime guarantee.

The clinician’s dental implant guarantee

  • The clinician’s dental implant guarantee covers the success of the dental implant due to scenarios such as failure to integrate with bone. It also covers scenarios which are firmly in the patients control; dental implant failure due to poor hygiene, peri-implantitis, bone loss, grinding, trauma and smoking.
  • The clinician also provides a restoration guarantee, which covers the success of the crown, bridge or denture attached to the dental implants.

What dental implant guarantees do the DentalCarePlus clinicians provide?

The dental implant manufacturers we use offer a lifetime guarantee.

The guarantees that our clinicians offer are naturally determined in the clinical assessment, since the guarantee needs to take into account a patient’s health and lifestyle choices, oral condition, dental history and standard of oral hygiene.

DentalCarePlus Dental Implant Clinics - Guarantee

For any dental implant guarantee / costs / finance questions …

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