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Below is a true comparison of costs between the cost of dental treatment abroad, and the cost of treatment in the UK DentalCarePlus clinic. The overall cost of dental treatment abroad can be much more than it would at first appear. There are many extras that are often overlooked when comparing the overall cost of treatment abroad, that don’t apply when having treatment in the UK. These are listed below: –

  • Travel to & from UK Airports
  • Airport Parking Charges
  • Return Flights (of which there might be several )
  • Return Taxi Fares at Destination Airport
  • Hotel Accommodation & Meals Abroad
  • Return Taxi Fares from Hotel to Clinic
  • Loss of Earnings – Extra Time off Work.

Hungary makes the most effort to attract patients from Western Europe, with a lot of website sponsored links, and content on many related websites. However, in most cases patients will be surprised to know that it costs more to have dental treatment done abroad than at the UK’s most competitive Dental Clinic.

The cost of flights, meals & hotel accommodation, the cost of travelling to and from airports, airport parking, taxi fares and (if you work) the extra time involved with the associated loss of earnings, makes having treatment done abroad far more expensive.

A journey time from your home to a hotel in Budapest is typically 8 hours each way, with a flight time of 3 hours and airport check-in time of 2 hours etc., so two whole days are required for the return journey to Budapest. What they may not tell you is that there could be two, three or even four visits to a Budapest Clinic, so the extra time and the cost involved in travelling to Eastern Europe can far exceed the savings in the cost of the treatment. A total of six extra days travelling and as many as 15 days stay in a hotel are not uncommon for three visits to Budapest. More importantly crucial after-care isn’t a concern either.

It is not advisable to fly following extractions or other major dental surgery – such as recently inserted dental implants. This is due to the fact that the cabin air pressure is stabilised at the air pressure corresponding to 10,000 feet, which is much lower than at ground level. This lower cabin air pressure can therefore increase the possibility that bleeding may occur. If this did happen, the foreign clinic may not accept liability for any other post-operative complications.


Return journey by car to a UK airport
Parking for 6 days at the airport
Typical return flight to Eastern Europe
Return journey by taxi from airport to hotel
5 nights in a hotel
Return taxi journeys to the clinic
7 days loss of earnings
Total cost of each visit to a European Clinic


Average car fuel cost London – Plymouth – London
Extra cost for 1 nights hotel accommodation
Total cost for each visit to DentalCarePlus

Most treatments require two, three or even four visits, so there will be a huge the difference in travelling costs.

It is virtually impossible to save money by having dental treatment done abroad. Many of our patients who have had treatment done abroad before in different Eastern European Countries have said: “They wished they had found out about our clinic before they went” Don’t make the same mistake!!!

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Comparison of Charges – A Hungarian Clinic & DentalCarePlus

Mr. S from Oxford already had two missing teeth and had the following treatment, done in a Hungarian Clinic in Budapest during three visits.

Treatment Required
Four extractions, two medium white composite fillings, bone augmentation, scale & polish, power teeth whitening, three implants with a six unit ceramic bridge.

First Visit
The first treatment in the Budapest Clinic involved a consultation, then the extractions and fillings were done, which was followed by bone augmentation, which was found to be necessary.

Total of 3 days required for the first visit. (including travelling days)

Second Visit
The patient returned for the second visit to have the implants placed.

Total of 4 days was involved for the second visit. (including travelling days)

Third Visit
The patient returned after six months, and the abutments were fitted, the impressions were taken, and the patient waited six days whilst the ceramic bridge was being made in the laboratory. The bridge was fitted in place, and the patient had to return to the clinic the next day to check that there were no problems. He then waited another day for the booked return flight.

Total of 11 days required for the third visit. (including travelling days)

A total of 18 days were involved for the three visits to the Budapest Clinic.

A total of only 4 days would be required for the same treatment at the DentalCarePlus Clinic

Mr. S asked us to do a like-for-like comparison of the overall costs, and has now told his relatives about us, and they are now all using DentalCarePlus instead...





3 Return Car Journeys to the Airport


4 Return Car Journeys ***


3 Return Flights to Budapest


18 days off work (£120 per day)


4 days off work ***


Airport parking at LHR 18 days


3 Return Taxi Fares from & to Airport


15 Nights B/B in 4 Star Hotel


Restaurant Bills at £20 per day


Motorway Food


Return Taxi Fares Hotel to Clinic














Mr. S could have saved £2,066 if he had used the DentalCarePlus Clinic.

Assuming that Mr. S chose to travel by car to the DentalCarePlus Clinic he could have driven back the same day following each of the treatments. (Many prefer to stay one night in a Hotel during each visit in which case the saving would be £200 less) Patients can travel with their partners/spouses at no extra cost, unlike air travel. In almost every case the treatment is done on the day of arrival, and so many patients are able to drive back the same day, thereby avoiding the cost of a Hotel.

*** Since we have our own CEREC Crown Milling Centre, patients can often have crowns fitted the same day, thereby reducing the number of visits to DentalCarePlus from four to three.

Comparison of Charges – A Polish Clinic & DentalCarePlus

Mr. C from Derby was planning to go to Warsaw for his treatment, and already had a treatment plan from the Warsaw Clinic.

Treatment Required
He needed bone restoration, three implants and crowns, over two visits. In the calculations below we have allowed for just two visits to Warsaw but we have allowed three visits to DentalCarePlus since we believe that the Warsaw clinic may be underestimating the number of visits required.

A total of 14 days would have been involved in just two visits to the Warsaw Clinic (including the travelling days) with 12 nights in a Hotel.

A total of only 6 days would be required for the same treatment at the DentalCarePlus Clinic





2 Return Car Journeys to the Airport


3 Return Train Journeys


2 Return Flights to Warsaw


14 days off work (£160 per day)


6 days off work


2 Return Taxi Fares from & to Airport


12 Nights B/B in 4 Star Hotel


3 Nights B/B in a Country Manor


Restaurant Bills at £20 per day


Food on the Journey


Return Taxi Fares Hotel to Clinic


Car Hire – 6 days at £22 per day








Agreed fixed price for 12 months






Mr. C asked for a like-for-like comparison before deciding and has now booked for his treatment with DentalCarePlus, which will save him £1,501. This is even allowing for one more visit to DentalCarePlus in case it were necessary. The treatment charge is fixed, so he is guaranteed to have no increase on our quoted price.

Mr C came for his implant consultation and a CBCT scan revealed that the treatment suggested by the Warsaw Clinic was not necessary at all. He did not require bone restoration, nor did he need implants. In fact the cause of Mr C’s annoying noise when chewing was poor airflow around a badly made bridge, which can be easily rectified. Having a consultation at DentalCarePlus together with a CT scan therefore saved Mr C over £5,000.  He was understandably a very happy man indeed.

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