Dental implant FAQs

What are CEREC crowns and bridges?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction.

CEREC crowns involve the use of an innovative technology which enables a cosmetic dentist to design, make and fit a dental crown all in a single appointment; conventionally a crown procedure would typically take a minimum of two appointments over two weeks.

The dentist will prepare the tooth in exactly the same way as with a conventional crown. But following the preparation, a digital image will be taken of the prepared tooth using a specialised camera. The digital image will then be used to create a highly accurate three dimensional computer model of the tooth. This model is used to enable a crown to be designed. Once the dentist is satisfied with the design of the crown, an on-site computerised milling machine will be used to fabricate the crown from a block of high quality ceramic material.

Depending upon the complexity of the crown and the milling equipment used, the milling process will take between five minutes and half an hour. To ensure that the crown matches the surrounding teeth the dentist will choose from a selection of differentially coloured ceramic blocks. After the new crown has been machined the dentist may stain it to accurately match the colour of your natural teeth. Following this, the crown may be polished or glazed in a furnace before fixing it into place over the prepared tooth.

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