Dental implant FAQs

Do dental implants cost less abroad?

Those who may have already had implant treatment done in Eastern Europe will be shocked to discover that they could have had the treatment done for less in the UK.

Many Eastern European clinics are now charging more than DentalCarePlus Clinics for implant restorative treatment, and as much as £230 for a CT scan. They are quite simply no longer competitive. Foreign clinics may have been competitive a few years ago when all UK clinics were charging £3,000 per completed implant. DentalCarePlus was the instigator of low cost dental implant treatment in the UK without compromising the quality of patient care.

THE REALITY: Usually three visits to a foreign clinic are needed, and it is not uncommon for patients to stay abroad for as many as 24 days, due to the time required for the prosthetics to be made in a Lab etc. A foreign hotel can be a lonely place if you have to stay alone for that length of time. Then there are the 6 travelling days to consider – making a total of 30 days. A patient having treatment in the UK would wait at home whilst the prosthetics were being made.

EXTRA COSTS: There are many extras that are often overlooked when comparing the overall cost of treatment abroad, over and above the cost of the treatment itself, which can be as much as £3,500 (for a person who doesn’t work, staying in a 4-star Hotel)

These are: Car travel to and from UK Airports – Airport parking charges – Return flights – Return taxi fares at the destination airport – Hotel accommodation for up to 24 days – Restaurant bills – Return taxi fares from the Hotel to the Clinic. With the loss of earnings for those who work, this could double or even treble.


  • Are foreign dentists as strictly regulated as UK dentists?
  • Do foreign dentists have the same level of insurance cover as UK dentists?
  • What happens is there is a post-operative problem? A patient may have to return to the foreign clinic, because most UK dentists refuse to take over and assume responsibility, especially if the treatment abroad was badly done.
  • Will a foreign dentist rectify badly done treatment free of charge?
  • If the foreign dentist refuses to rectify any faults, how are you going to claim against him? Very difficult to do and very time consuming.
  • What about after-care? Will patients have to travel abroad again for this, as most UK dentists refuse to take over the responsibility after treatment is done in a foreign clinic?
  • Are the implants that foreign clinics use of a good quality, or copies?
  • What happens if you fly back home after implant placement? It is not advisable to fly following extractions or other major dental surgery, such as recently inserted implants, because flight cabins pressures are maintained at the equivalent to an altitude of 10,000 feet. The low cabin air pressure can increase the possibility that bleeding may occur, and if this did happen, the foreign clinic may not accept liability for any other post-operative problems.

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