Do you have missing or failing teeth in a row?

Dental implant bridges at DentalCarePlus

Since DentalCarePlus are dedicated to dental implant treatments, all of our experienced implant dentists frequently perform dental implant bridge treatments.

A dentist needs intensive training to carry out dental implant treatment. Success rates are very high if carried out by a trained and experienced implant dentist and if strict aftercare instructions are followed.

Our implant dentists are highly experienced in all dental implant-based restorative treatment and perform hundreds of implant bridge treatments every month.

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Why should I have a dental implant bridge?

A dental implant bridge, replacing several teeth in a row is a great stable alternative to a denture or conventional bridge.

Dental implant treatment is a possible solution to restore teeth missing or failing in a row, whether there are teeth missing or loose teeth in a row, decayed teeth / teeth with a bad prognosis, broken or cracked teeth or root treatments which have failed.

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Hong long does a dental implant bridge treatment take?

  • Dental implant bridge treatment durations vary on a case by case basis.
  • In simple cases (with the dental 3D CBCT scan showing good bone quantity), there are 4 or 5 appointments over a 4-5 month period.
  • In more complex cases, where bone grafting is required, a 6-8 month period is required.
  • In some cases (when there is good bone quantity / quality), it may be possible to extract a teeth and place the implants in the same appointment – this is called an immediate loaded bridgeOtherwise, a 6 week to 4 month healing period is needed before the implants are placed.
  • See treatment plan process for further details.
DentalCarePlus Dental Implant Clinics - dental implant treatment duration

Dental implant bridges – FAQs, costs and referral services

For any questions regarding dental implant bridge treatments, please do not hesitate to contact one of our treatment coordinators.

  • Since DentalCarePlus are renowned for very competitive prices, we are very aware that the cost of a this treatment can be very expensive for many people
  • Are you a referring dentist who have patients that need this type of treatment? 
  • Refer to our FAQ page for more useful information

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