Dental Implant Bridges

Bridge Wearers & Dental Implants

Conventional bridges can address the problems caused by missing teeth, due to the fact that bridges are intended to restore the function and structure of the missing teeth.

Bridges have disadvantages in that they are short-lasting and the dentist needs to prepare (damage) the adjacent teeth in order that it can be placed. Fortunately dental implant treatment can provide a solution because implants can provide a stable and long lasting foundation for a bridge. The main disadvantage of preparing (damaging) the adjacent teeth; this is addressed by this type of bridge connecting only the teeth that are missing.

DentalCarePlus dental implant clinics - implant bridges

Dental Implants provide Bridge Stabilisation

Problems resulting from conventional porcelain / ceramic bridges can be resolved; to ensure that wearers do not need to replace the bridge after only 8-9 years and from the dentist having to prepare / damage the adjacent teeth (that could well be in an excellent condition with a good prognosis).

Implants secure porcelain / ceramic bridges in place and, if looked after properly with good hygiene, can last 20 years.

Dental implant bridges – questions, costs / finance and referral services

  • For any dental implant bridge questions, contact one of our treatment coordinators.
  • The cost of a dental implant bridge depends on the case – i.e., how many implants and crowns are needed.  Contact us to explain your needs and we will provide an estimate, otherwise fill in our online form.
  • Since DentalCarePlus are renowned for very competitive prices, we are very aware that the cost of a dental implant bridge is expensive for many.  So we offer some very competitive finance options to help our patients
  • If you are a dentist who does not place implants and have some questions about our referral services, see Referrals
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