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"Carlos Ribo is indeed an expert in his field. Very pleased with the result of my implant. Great all round professional service by Alex and others kept me informed each step of the procedure. My regular dentist has endorsed the job as very well done. 10 out of 10 for an all round great service and job. Very highly recommended."
Naseem Khan

"After loosing my two front teeth, I had a temporary denture. This was not ideal, it was soon time to find a dentist to place implants. My local dental practice in Essex was inexperienced and wanted to charge a silly amount! So I searched the internet for better alternatives. Lucky to have found DentalCarePlus. They specialize in implants and work in this field day in day out. This was very important to me.

Although travelling up from Essex, even with the train fairs it worked out far more reasonable in costs. The practice itself in London is very advanced, very friendly staff, I really could not have asked for a better service.

My implants were tricky, as I also had missing bone (void). My Surgeon Carlos fixed all these problems. Forward on a year, the final crowns are now in place. The lab are experts in shaping and colour matching, the final results are brilliant.

Thank you so much to the whole team. My confidence is slowly being restored."
Adam G (Essex)

"Dear Ioannis,

I wanted to send you a short note before I leave for the US at the weekend.

I quite thought that I may have had to call on you for some minor adjustment at some stage in the past couple of weeks but I'm delighted to report that the overdenture is very comfortable and entirely functional too. I'm really very happy thanks to you and the team.

I also wanted to express my gratitude to you again for managing to complete the treatment in the time frame I had available. It's going to make a great difference to my time away this trip.

Thanks Again and Best Wishes."

"Hi Victoria, just to say a big thank you to Stephen and all the staff for the excellent service provided throughout my recent implant treatment.

I chose the practice firstly for the competitive price and then asked a friend who was an orthodontist to advise me on the 3 practices I had visited and received quotes from with more detailed information. I am happy to say he picked Stephen Garner at The Manchester Dental Implant Clinic.

The treatment plan was carefully explained, costings given and best of all the procedure was performed pain free. The only inconvenience was some bruising which was to be expected. I am thrilled with the final result. Many thanks."
D.W. (Halifax)

"I have had mixed experiences with dentists in London so it was a real relief to visit this practice and receive excellent care. The staff were friendly and helpful with answering my questions. As a patient I did not feel that the service was compromised by this. I would gladly recommend this practice to friends and family."
Nusrat Mehedi

"After a bridge supporting tooth on my top front jaw failed I was offered Implants by my own dentist which were 2 implants supporting a bridge across my front teeth. After surfing the net I found the DentalCarePlus website and submitted an enquiry. I was quoted the same price for 4 separate Implants as my dentist for 2 + a bridge.

Mr Emmott was extremely professional and explained all the options and the various stages of the procedure very clearly. All of the steps went as planned even the temporary plate didn't cause too much inconvenience and the finished job looks fantastic and I am extremely pleased with the result and that I took the advice of the 4 separate Implants even though I could have had the 2 + bridge for less and I would highly recommend the service from DentalCarePlus Bristol "
Ian Gardner

"I have received treatment at the Manchester DentalCarePlus Implant Centre over a period of twelve months restoring my entire upper arch. As such, I can highly recommend the genius and excellent surgical skills of Mr Stephen Garner. Stephen has given me a superb smile and for that I will always be grateful. He is an expert practitioner and is thoroughly professional in his work.

I would like to mention Rachel and Chloe, who are integral team members at the Centre, and they helped to deliver a first class service.

I am delighted with the outcome of my treatment and I would strongly recommend anyone thinking of dental implants to seriously consider using this highly talented team of people.

Excellent treatment at a very competitive price. Worth every penny!

Thank you all again."
David Townsley

"I lost a tooth and my regular dentist said I had the choice of a gap in my smile or a plate; unless I was referred to another dentist for an implant. The first two choices were unacceptable. One was unsightly and the other was inconvenient and messy; both offended my vanity.

With this background I started to investigate implants. I left emotion behind and researched the issue as if it were a business decision. I read various internet articles until I had an understanding of the technology and process. I then made a leap in intention and decided that not only would I investigate one implant but I filling the other hidden gaps in my teeth with implants.

I attended consultations with a number of providers before I settled on DentalCarePlus. An overseas provider had some appeal particularly as I enjoy visiting Budapest. However, continuing the business decision approach, I devised criteria to evaluate all the potential providers. I had consultations with each and evaluated facilities and professionalism, cost, and after care. DentalCarePlus came top of my list.

We agreed a plan and integrated timetable and began. Thinking about it was far worse than the reality of the treatment. I had a lot of work done and when I opened my mouth the consultant would observe 'you have got a lot going on'. However, we worked systematically through the treatment plan and eventually and joyfully came to a finish.

I have absolutely no regrets about having implants or choosing DentalCarePlus. If necessary I would have more implants and choose DentalCarePlus again. "
Jon, Harlow

"After a tooth split that was holding a crown I had to have it removed. This was my only extraction and I felt very self conscious as the gap where an upper tooth had been was just visible when smiling or laughing. I had a single tooth denture and tried that for a few months but was unhappy and decided to go for an implant.

I researched places and cost online and found DentalCarePlus had a very informative website, gave prices upfront whereas others didn't and offered a free consultation. Their prices are competitive.

The centre is modern, well sited in Marlow and all members of staff pleasant, friendly and professional. From my 1st visit including a scan through the remaining ones to do all the necessary work I was treated kindly, reassured, and my questions answered.

I have attended an aftercare check up and X ray and feel confident I can call on the Centre if needed. I can highly recommend DentalCarePlus if you are thinking of having an implant or implants and you get great value for money."
Lynda, Surrey

"I was really impressed with the care at DentalCarePlus. Prior to the treatment I lost a baby tooth which resulted in an awkward gap in my teeth. The staff were very professional and provided me with a care plan which worked really well for my circumstances. Dr Ribo was very reassuring and ensured the treatment was comfortable and suitable for my implant.

I'd definitely recommend DentalCarePlus. Before using DentalCarePlus I'd shopped around, but the prices at DentalCarePlus were definitely the most competitive I found, and the treatment was better than I expected. "
Jon, London

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