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The qualified and experienced clinicians at DentalCarePlus

The DentalCarePlus Group have one of the best qualified and most experienced team of implant clinicians ever assembled in the UK.

In addition to implant dentistry, all are experienced in oral surgery and restorative techniques, essential to achieve the highest standard of implant based rehabilitation.

All of our dentists are backed up by very friendly and professional clinical and administrative teams.

Due to our focus on implant dentistry, we have built up a large and loyal referral base.  We invite dentists, Specialists and other dental care professionals contact us about our referral services.

Our clinical support teams

Our clinical support teams are also comprised of experienced restorative dentists, hygiene therapists, sedationists and dental nurses.

Our administrative teams

Our administrative teams are comprised of experienced practice managers, treatment coordinators and reception managers.

We have a wealth of experience not only in from dentistry and health, but also field as diverse as marketing, investment banking, IT and retail.

What sets us apart from other clinics is that we allow our clinicians to focus on what they are best at.

The teams at DentalCarePlus