Implant FAQs

Why Are Our Charges So Much Lower Than Most Other Dental Clinics?

Perhaps the question should really be, "Why are the majority of other dental clinics so expensive?"

Many dentists - even those that claim they have a great deal of experience in dental implants - may only place a few implants each month, due to this, the cost of purchasing the necessary materials will be significantly more expensive.

We currently carry out over 200 implant placements each month, enabling us to buy our implant materials in bulk at considerably lower prices. Moreover, we are able to obtain these from the most cost effective suppliers.

Due to the fact we place a great deal more dental implants compared to the average clinic, we are primarily 'geared up' specifically for dental implantology. Economy of scale and increased efficiency achieved by a substantial investment in a CT scanner along with other 'state-of-the-art' technological equipment, allows us to reduce our time and the patient time required, this enables us to reduce our fees to a level which is substantially less than those of the vast majority other clinics in the UK.

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