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Our Online Dental Implant Assessment Questionnaire will take you 2 minutes to complete, but could save you a fortune. We will aim to respond within 1 hour during normal business hours

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Discuss your requirements with our Implant Coordinators, who will be able to offer a great deal of valuable advice and information on implant restoration possibilities, plus give you an estimate of costs for various types of procedures. This is best carried out over the telephone, or by visiting the clinic in person if you live nearby. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Free Like-For-Like Comparisons
If you have previously had an implant consultation and you would like a second opinion free of charge, if you been provided with a treatment plan, and/or a report, simply send us a copy. We will be able to give you a 'like for like' comparison of cost, without any charge.

Free Transfers
We provide free transfers from local rail stations in our courtesy cars for all patients who attend for treatment at our South West (Devon/Cornwall) and South East (Marlow) implant centres. We can also arrange taxis from local airports and non-local rail stations at greatly reduced costs.

Courtesy Car
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Free Dental Implant Consultations | Just phone your local clinic (numbers below) or Book Online
A comprehensive 1-hour clinical assessment / consultation with one of our implant dentists is required to assess a patients' oral health. If the patient is a good candidate for implants, a CT Scan is taken. A CT scan is a critical requirement in implant dentistry treatment planning, since it evaluates the volume and condition of your bone, thus enabling us to provide you with an accurate treatment plan and cost, rather than an estimate. For the CT Scan we charge £125, some clinics charge as much as £500.00 for a scan of the upper and lower jaw.

Implant Suitability CT Scan

During this appointment a CT scan will be taken to determine your suitability for implant restorative treatment. The scan results will confirm the depth, width, density and quality of the jawbone in the regions where it is considered that implants could be placed. If you need any clarification of the information provided at this appointment our Implant Coordinator will explain everything in non-clinical terminology. A full written report on the CT scan findings will be forwarded to you, offering various solutions for you to study at your leisure.

The Importance of CT scans:
CT scans are not only essential to measure the depth and width of the bone in the optimum implant locations, but they also offer a highly accurate assessment of bone quality and condition. Without CT scans these conditions cannot be determined until the surgical procedure has already commenced. Normal Panoral X-Rays don’t show a 3-D view that is needed to assess the exact bone depth in the areas of the sinus cavities. Patients are often told that they are unable to have implants due to insufficient bone depth in the sinus areas, whereas a CT scan may well show that there is sufficient width to place implants at an angle, and successfully complete implant restoration without the need of sinus lifting. We consider that a CT scan is essential for safe implant placement and that Panoral X-Rays do not provide sufficient accuracy. For this reason we will not take the risk of placing any implants without first taking a CT scan, which is why DentalcarePlus Implant Centres were amongst the first clinics in the UK to have CT scanners.

The Importance of Dental Hygiene & Periodontal Treatment:
Good oral hygiene and healthy gums are essential for the longevity of implant-based restorations. An implant may be perfectly placed, but if the gums are in a poor condition, osseointegration, the bonding of bone to implant, will be slower and may even not happen at all. This means that a non-osseointegrated implant may have to be removed. Also, with progressive periodontitis an implant may become loose over time. Because we realise the importance of having healthy gums, we are one of only a few clinics in the UK to have specialised laser equipment, known as ‘Periowave’, which destroys the bacteria that cause periodontitis. After treatment, the gums have a far better chance of healing and to recover their ability to osseointegrate with a natural tooth or an implant. The overall periodontal condition will be greatly improved.

The average worldwide rate for implant rejection is 4%. With over 25,000 successful implant placements to date, our low implant rejection rate, which would make any implantologist proud, at just 0.4% (10 times less) is due to the fact that most of our patients follow our recommendations, and opt for the essential pre-operative treatment.

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