How can we change less than other clinics?

We often get asked the following questions:

How much are dental implants?

The cost of dental implants in the UK much depends on the number of implants a dentist places. Those who place a few will pay far more for their supplies, and will probably be much slower in the surgery; and will therefore have to charge an average of £2,000 for the completed implant, with the abutment and the crown.

Conversely dentists who dedicate their time exclusively to implantology and are more experienced in the placement of implants; performing surgical operations at a faster speed; therefore place far more implants. The DentalCarePlus clinicians achieve large discounts, have the specialist equipment to perform surgical operations easier and faster, and can therefore afford to charge from just £995 for multiple completed implants with the abutments and crowns.

How much is a single implant?

The average cost in the UK for a single implant is £2,200.00, whereas DentalCarePlus charges under £1,500.00. Single implants cost more than multiples because the surgery chair time and surgery sterilisation required to place one implant is proportionately much higher than the time required to place multiple implants.

We have a scale of charges ranging from under £1,500 for a single implant reducing based on the number of implants a patient has to under £1,000 for multiple placements. For patients with multiple missing/failing teeth in a row it is not always necessary to have an implant replacing each individual teeth as dental bridges can be fixed to implants where two or more teeth are missing/failing in a row. As an example if a patient has four missing teeth in a row it is commonplace to restore with a 4-tooth bridge fixed to two dental implants.

How can you charge much less per implant than most other clinics?

Implant treatment is an essential treatment option, and DentalCarePlus believes that it should be available at a price the wider public can afford, not just the well-off.

The clinicians experience and use of the latest technology allow for efficient treatment planning reduces patient visits and in turn reduces our costs, allowing us to offer lower prices. There is no substitute for experience in the clinical environment.

If we charge less, are we using the best materials?

DentalCarePlus clinicians only use the best materials. They have tried many implant systems and bone restoration materials over the years, and they have learnt through the experience of numerous restorations which are the most reliable and most versatile.

DentalCarePlus Implantologists insist on using the best Biomaterials, so they will only use Geistlich Biomaterials - Bio-Oss, Bio-Gide and Mucograft. These are extremely well proven and are recognised as the best available world-wide. Also as we are one of the largest purchasers of Geistich Biomaterials materials in the UK we get a big discount.

Our clinicians have tried and tested many implant systems from world-renowned manufacturers. They have selected Adin Implants Systems to use due to their high primary and secondary stability, and the fact that they have a greater surface area that aids bone to implant bonding in all bone types. The fact that our lead clinician, who is also a Tutor at the Royal College of Surgeons with 20 years of implantology experience, has evaluated these implants and recommends that all our clinicians use them, speaks for itself. The DentalCarePlus clinicians place over 6,000 implants every year, which means that they get big discounts from suppliers. To read why Adin Implants are considered to be amongst the best implant systems available in the world today. Click Here

The DentalCarePlus Group also has a denture lab, a full prosthetics lab and a 'state-of-the-art' implant crown and bridge lab, with experienced technicians to produce both provisional and permanent prostheses, including the highest quality implant crowns and bridges. To sum up: The savings made on the bulk purchase of implants, bio-materials and laboratory costs, allows us to be more competitive; resulting in lower charges for the patient.

Are there any hidden charges or additional extra charges?

We believe in openly disclosing all our charges on this website, and the cost indicated on the treatment plan is the full and final cost, that will not alter unless there is a dramatic change in a patient's clinical or biologcal condition.

Why does DentalCarePlus attract such experienced clinicians?

Because all our clinicians have the same commitment to make dental implants more affordable, and therefore available to many more people. Since implant treatment is not generally available on the NHS we believe that our private clinics are fulfilling a crucial role in UK dentistry.

What is the secret to the success of the DentalCarePlus Group?

It is because of a unique combination of professional business management and experienced dental professionals, all dedicated to patient care and working as a team in a friendly environment. Our patients realise that we have a different approach from the moment they walk into one of our clinics. Perhaps this is the way forward for UK dentistry in the future.

Treatment Abroad No Longer Costs Less

Prior to 2006 many Brits travelled abroad for cosmetic dentistry and implant treatment, but with the cost of several flights, airport parking, taxi fares, restaurant bills and hotel accommodation for up to 24 days totalling £3,500, it can be seen that implant treatment in the UK now costs less in a competitive UK clinic such as a DentalCarePlus Clinic. For those who are still working, the cost of treatment abroad could double or even triple with loss of earnings. See: Do you think dental implants cost less abroad? Click Here

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