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Dental implant treatment costs at DentalCarePlus

DentalCarePlus are renowned for experienced clinicians offering competitive fees · 40% lower than the UK average · without compromising on the quality of care.  

Although an accurate cost can only be given after a clinical assessment, we have friendly and knowledgeable treatment coordinators on the numbers below to provide clear information about dental implant costs and treatment options.  Alternatively, for an email estimateclick button above and take two minutes to complete our form.

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Call Ali or Carolyn 01579 389 623



Clinical dental implant assessment  £95
Clinical dental implant assessment 2nd opinion special offer  More
If you have had a consultation elsewhere, send a copy of the plan for a ‘like for like’ cost comparison.
Remedial dental implant assessment for patients with failing implants  £195
Periodontal assessment for patients with gum disease  £150
Includes: Thorough oral & periodontal assessment, appropriate CBCT scan / x-rays, formal treatment plan & costs.  Fee also includes all CBCT scans and x-rays throughout the entire course of treatment. CBCT scans alone cost up to £300 at other clinics with similarly clinicians, so our fee is very reasonable. 
Dental implant consultation  Free

Below is a sample of the more common dental implant treatments carried out by our experienced clinicians to give you an idea of our exceptional fees


Single or multiple teeth dental implant solutions

Completed dental implants with final crowns from  £995
*Single completed dental implant with final crown Contact us 

Fees also include placement surgery, anaesthetic, intra-treatment check-ups and aftercare products.

*Single dental implants cost more than multiples due to the surgery chair time, administration, laboratory fees, sterilisation and material used etc. are proportionately higher. We have a scale of fees ranging from only £995 and this increases depending on the number of implants required.

A ‘from’ price is used since most patients assume that each tooth needs replacing with an implant, and we don’t want people overestimating treatment costs.

Same day / immediately loaded dental implant          Contact us
*Dental implant supported bridges Contact us
*If you have missing or failing teeth in a row it is not usually necessary to have a dental implant for each missing tooth.  Multiple teeth bridges can be fixed to less dental implants, reducing the overall treatment cost. For example, 4-tooth bridge is usually fixed to two implants.


Full jaw dental implant solutions – for all teeth missing or failing

Lower arch two implant denture – Overdenture £3,995
Upper arch four implant denture – Overdenture  £5,995
Implant supported fixed bridge – Hybrid  from  £6,995
Implant supported fixed bridge – Porcelain  from  £8,995
Implant supported fixed immediate bridge – Teeth in a day  from  £11,995

a ‘from’ price is used since the cost depends on number of implants and treatment complexity

DentalCarePlus Dental Implant Clinics - Bone grafting

Bone augmentation – for insufficient bone volume

Bone graft – with biomaterials  from  £295
Internal sinus lift – osteotome Summer’s technique  from  £495
External sinus lift – lateral window method  from  £995

Fees include bio-materials and membranes.  A ‘from’ price is used since the fee depends on bone graft size, type and treatment complexity.

DentalCarePlus Dental Implant Clinic - Oral Surgery

Oral surgery

Tooth extraction  from  £75
Impacted tooth extraction  from  £145
Other oral surgery treatments (see below)  Contact Us

Dental implants, bone grafting and sinus lifts aside,our experienced clinicians also perform a very wide range of oral surgery-related treatment solutions such as impacted tooth extractions, enameloplasty, alveloplasty, vestibuloplasty, tooth lengthening, dental cyst removal, apicoectomy,curretage and apical granuloma.

DentalCarePlus Dental Implant Clinic - Soft Tissue Graft

Soft tissue grafting  – for insufficient gum tissue volume

Soft / Connective tissue graft  from  £295
Guided tissue regeneration – with biomaterials  from  £495

Fees include bio-materials and membranes.  A ‘from’ price is used since the fee depends on soft tissue graft size, type and treatment complexity.

DentalCarePus Dental Implant Clinics - CT Scan 4

 CBCT scan referrals – precise pre-operative planning for your patients

 Visit ctscanuk.com for the lowest CBCT scan prices in the UK

Finance and insurance

Since DentalCarePlus are solely dedicated to dental implant treatments we are naturally very aware that dental implant treatment can be expensive for many people, so we offer some very competitive finance packages and we accept patients with any type of dental insurance.


  • Re the Facebook special offer where some patients who attended clinical assessments between 01st November 2014 and November 13th 2015 we refunded the £95 assessment fee.  Note, this offer was not valid in conjunction with treatment plans done on finance, treatment discounts or any other offers.
  • There is a £50 charge for a copy of the CBCT scan for patients seeking a second opinion. Patients who subsequently proceed with treatment will be refunded the £50.