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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a potential patient, referring dentist or simply just doing some research, have a look through some of our most frequently asked questions below.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, contact us to speak to one of our experienced treatment coordinators.

DentalCarePlus Dental Implant Clinics - FAQs
  1. What are dental implants?
  2. What are the top considerations when choosing dental implants?
  3. How many teeth can a dental implant support?
  4. Will I need an implant for each missing tooth?
  5. Is the implant placement procedure painful?
  6. How long do dental implants last?
  7. How are dental implants cleaned?
  8. What problems can occur with dental implants?
  9. How long does a dental implant treatment take?
  10. What type of sedation is available for dental implant surgery?
  11. What are the stages / phases of a dental implant treatment?
  12. Dental bridges vs implants?
  13. Types of dental implants
  14. What are the advantages of dental implants (over other treatments)?
  15. Can I replace my dentures with dental implants?
  16. What are the tooth replacement options for missing teeth?

Dental implant cost

  1. Considering dental implants abroad?
  2. Do dental implants cost less abroad?
  3. How much do dental implants cost in the UK?
  4. Dental implants on Groupon?!

Dental implant suitability

  1. Who is suitable for dental implants?
  2. Do you need a healthy mouth for dental implants?
  3. How will I know if I am suitable for dental implants?
  4. What should a dental implant treatment plan include? What you need to know before treatment?
  5. Can I have dental implants if I smoke?
  6. Can I have dental implants with gum disease?
  7. Dental implants and orthodontics/braces.

Extractions and dental implants / during treatment

  1. How much healing time is required following an extraction?
  2. Can I have a tooth extracted and have an implant at the same time?
  3. Will I have gaps during treatment?


  1. What is osseointegration?
  2. Is dental implant treatment abroad cheaper or worth the risk?
  3. Can I have dental implants on the NHS?
  4. What about the history of dental implants?
  5. What are the latest studies in dental implant technology?
  6. Playing Sports after Dental Implant Treatment.

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