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Denture Wearers & Dental Implants

Dentures can correct problems resulting from missing teeth, since dentures replace the structure and functionality of missing teeth.

Disadvantages with dentures range from being loose, uncomfortable and unstable; especially when eating or speaking. Denture wearers often report that their speech is impaired and that they cannot taste their food properly.

Fortunately there is a solution using dental implants. They can be placed to provide a dentures stable and comfortable foundation. As for the disadvantages of speech impairment and not being unable to taste food properly; this is solved by the implant-supported denture being horse-shoe shaped – there is no need for a plate.


Implants Provide Denture Stabilisation

Problems occurring from loose dentures can be solved; ensuring that people are free from discomfort, lisping and awkwardness that dentures bring.

Implants can act as ancors for either a detachable bridge (or ‘overdenture’) or a fixed ‘hybrid’ bridge, removing the potential of the denture becoming loose and moving about inside the mouth causing discomfort.

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Implant retained detachable bridge (overdenture) video