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Dental Implants give you your Smile Back

From our dedicated dental implant centres in London, Manchester, Buckinghamshire, Bristol, Cornwall and Devon our clinicians are able to provide dental implants to achieve the highest standard of cosmetic dentistry available in the UK today. All of our clinicians are highly experienced, use the latest dental technology, including CT scanners to for pre-operative planning to achieve optimum results. All of our clinicians are also experienced in Oral Surgery.

Dedicated Implant Dentistry by the Experts

  • Highly Experienced, Qualified, Reputable and Registered Implant Dentists
  • Over 25,000 Implant Procedures Successfully Completed with a 99% Success Rate
  • Truly Affordable Fees - Typically Saving People 30-40% Compared to Other Clinics
  • Free Treatment Estimates
  • High Quality Implant Components & Bone Restoration Materials from Reputable UK Suppliers
  • Planning and Treatment Using the Latest Technology
  • CT Scanner For Precise Pre-Operative Planning
  • Safe Procedures Using Surgical Guide Technology for the Placement of Teeth Implants
  • Using the Leading and Most Reputable UK-based Dental Laboratories
  • Complex Bone Restoration Expertise
  • 0% Finance Available
  • A Warm and Friendly Welcome for All Our Patients

What is an implant?

A Dental ImplantThe placing of Implants (Implantology) consists of drilling into the jawbone and placing a titanium screw. Implants are a well-established, tried and tested method for replacing one or more lost teeth. Evidence shows that by maintaining an excellent oral hygiene regime (both at home and by visiting a hygiene therapist frequently), an implant restoration can last 20 years. Dental implants are also called teeth implants or tooth implants.

Is the Implant Brand / Type Important?

Most implant systems are similar, yet costly marketing associated with some brands drives up prices. Implant dentistry is competitive and has seen an excess of low cost implant components which are copies of existing successful implant systems, seldom with the requisite clinical, biological and laboratory research; the result of this is implant components which do not have a comparable standard of production or the necessary qualities of an implant which is chosen with the long term interests of the patient in mind. Purchasing cheap implants is short-termist; some of the cheaper implants have been reported to fail after a relatively short time following placement.

Given that we are a long established dedicated implant group with only highly-experienced dentists, patients and referring dentists should be rest-assured that our clinicians exclusively use high quality implant systems. Regardless, although the brand and type of implant is moderately important, who places it and the techniques used to place it are far more important.

In your implant consultation, should it be determined that you are a good candidate for dental implants, you will be advised of the implant and implant restoration option/s suitable for your oral condition. Your implant dentist will explain the advantages of using each option, enabling you to make your decision as to which best suits your needs, budget and timescale.

Many of our patients have already had a consultation with another clinic before they find out about us, and we often discover that other clinics have specified more implants than are actually needed. This is particularly common where foreign clinics are concerned. Our aim is to achieve the best results using fewer implants, which means that patients can make extra savings, on top of the many thousands of pounds that they can save due to our lower charges.

High Quality Implant Components

Our clinicians have highly regarded reputations to maintain, with an interest in providing patients with an accurate and predictable long term result, so they do not compromise on the quality of products/materials used:

The implant components are made from grade 5 titanium by Adin Implant Systems Inc., renowned in the implant dentistry industry for their outstanding primary stability a integration success rates, and range of lengths/widths. They also have compatibility with other implant systems such as Zimmer, Implant Direct, Nobel Active and Alpha Bio.

Throughout their distinguished careers, our expert implant dentists have placed implants supplied by Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Bio Horizons, Implant Direct Sybron Solutions, Astra Tech, Ankylos, Adin, MIS and Alpha-Bio to name just a few.

Our preferred systems are now Adin, Bio Horizons, Straumann.

Adin, Nobel, Alpha and MIS Implant Logos

High Quality Bone Restoration Materials

The bovine biomaterials our clinicians use are by Geistlich (Switzerland) and the 'Allograft' human biomaterials are by Rocky Mountain Tissue Back (USA). A synthetic material can be used on request.

In the industry, these biomaterials are considered to be the best in the world for bone restoration procedures, given their high success rates.

Giestlich and RMTB Biomaterial Logos

Latest State-of-the-Art Clinical Equipment

i-CAT Cone Beam 3-D Dental CT ScannerAll clinics are equipped to the highest technological standards. Every clinic uses an iCat Cone Beam 3D Dental CT Scanner claimed by the manufacturers to produce the World's most accurate CT Scan which produces a 350 megabyte 3D image for the precise placement of implants using Surgical Guide technology, to an accuracy of 0.5mm. Practical experience over time has proved to us that placing implants without risk to the patient would be virtually impossible without this equipment. 

3D CT scans are taken for pre-operative planning, so a precise diagnosis can be made, eliminating any guesswork. 3D CT scans measure bone density, determine the bone condition, ascertain the position of anatomical structures and inferior alveolar nerve and ascertain what type of implant to use and determine where to place it. The requirement for bone restoration is usually determined during the clinical assessment. Working from a 2D X-ray alone increases the likelihood that certain issues are not seen soon enough, increasing the possibility of treatment plan changes.

With our latest electronic sensing device we can now precisely measure the bond between an implant and bone tissue. The principle is simple, but the invention is ingenious.

Patient Testimonial

"I was really impressed with the care at DentalCarePlus. Prior to the treatment I lost a baby tooth which resulted in an awkward gap in my teeth. The staff were very professional and provided me with a care plan which worked really well for my circumstances."
Jon, London - Read More Patient Testimonials