What is an implant?

Dental Implants give you your Smile BackThe placing of Implants (Implantology) consists of drilling into the jawbone and placing a titanium screw. Implants are a well-established, tried and tested method for replacing one or more lost teeth. Evidence shows that by maintaining an excellent oral hygiene regime (both at home and by visiting a hygiene therapist frequently), an implant restoration can last 20 years. Dental implants are also called teeth implants or tooth implants.

Is the Implant Brand / Type Important?

A Dental ImplantMost dental implant systems are similar, yet - as in any industry - expensive marketing and promotion drives up prices. Recently the dental implant industry has seen an excess of cheap implants an implant components copied from existing successful implant systems (called 'clones'). Many clone systems do not have the same track record, levels of production or the necessary clinical, biological and laboratory research - qualities which are in the interests of the patient since they are manufactured for the long term.

What is important - for patients and referring dentists alike - is to choose a highly experienced dentist, since they will always use high quality implants and materials as well as well-honed evidence-based techniques to place the implants.

In your implant consultation, should it be determined that you are a good candidate for dental implants, you will be advised of the implant system and restoration option/s suitable for your oral condition. Your dentist will explain the advantages of using each option, enabling you to make your decision as to which best suits your needs, budget and timescale (be it Straumann, Bio-horizons or Adin Implant Systems).

High Quality Implant Components

Our clinicians have highly regarded reputations to maintain, with an interest in providing patients with an accurate and predictable long term result, so they do not compromise on the quality of products/materials used:

The implant components are made from grade 5 titanium by Adin Dental Implant Systems, Bio Horizons and Straumann, all renowned in the industry for their outstanding primary stability a integration success rates, and range of lengths/widths. Adin Dental Implant Systems also have compatibility with other implant systems such as Zimmer, Implant Direct, Nobel Active and Alpha Bio.

Throughout their distinguished careers, our expert implant dentists have placed implants supplied by Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Bio Horizons, Implant Direct Sybron Solutions, Astra Tech, Ankylos, Adin, MIS and Alpha-Bio to name just a few.

Our preferred systems are now Adin Dental Implant Systems, Bio Horizons and Straumann.

Adin, Nobel, Alpha and MIS Implant Logos

High Quality Bone Restoration Materials

We use 'Bio-Oss' by Geistlich (CH) for our animal ('Xenograft') biomaterials and 'Mineross' by BioHorizons (USA) for our Human ('Allograft') donor biomaterials.

In the industry, these biomaterials are considered to be the best in the world for bone restoration procedures, given their high success rates.

Giestlich and Mineross Logos