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DentalCarePlus - Dental Implant Finance at 0% Interest

Many clinics insist of a payment of up to 75% of the treatment cost in advance. At DentalCarePlus we offer interest free staged payments, so that patients can spread the cost of treatment throughout the whole treatment period. In the case of restorative implant treatment, that is usually over a period of 8 months.

Although the High Street Banks usually offer the best rates, below is a list of Finance Companies that provide finance for implant treatment and cosmetic dentistry over longer periods of up to five years. We do not recommend any particular company, neither do we receive any commission from these companies. It is up to the patient to select the finance company that best suits their needs.

List of Dental Finance Providers

List of Dental Insurance Providers

List of Dental Implant Insurance Providers

We accept patients with any type of dental insurance.